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Article 1 - Benefits of Website Localization

You’ve built a great website and spent bucketful of cash on web marketing to ensure your site is the most visited on the planet. Your website appears on first position on the search engines in every country. But, even though you want to cater to an international customer base you tend to receive orders mostly from the UK or the US. Where is the problem?

The answer is simple. To sell in foreign markets you need to speak in the language of your customer. Even though your customers find your website, they find it difficult to understand your offer, and so they use a local site.

So if you want to expand your business and reach the international market to maximize your profits it is almost imperative to have a multi-lingual website. Your website should be tailored to suit the foreign audience and speak the language of your customers. It should be accessible, usable and culturally suitable to the target audience.

More and more companies today are recognising this fact that the key step in successfully approaching and selling to international customers is through website localization. The main benefits of website localization are listed below.

Maximise you global business potential

Statistics shows that Web users are four times more likely to purchase from a site that communicates in the customer’s language (www.idc.com). Over 100 million people access the Internet in a language other than English. Over 50% of Web Users speak a native language other than English (www.glreach.com). Visitors stay for twice as long, if a website is in their own language (Forrester Research). So imagine how many customers are still untapped, if you have a website only in one language. Maximise your business potential by reaching an international audience through website localization.

Increase the size of your market

Most Internet users will are comfortable with the website that presents the company information, products or services in their native language. By having a multi-lingual website you can access potentially millions of new customers and thus increase your revenues.

Build credibility as a global player

Remember, if you do not take an action now, your competitors might win the game. A competitors multi-lingual website will gain more credibility and indirectly more customers. Moreover, Localization of your website demonstrates that you are a truly international player who value its customers preferences. It shows that you understand and respect people’s choices, and strive to meet their expectations.

Since it is so crucial for your business you must ensure that you entrust this task only to an expert who not only translates your website’s content, but also takes care of the cultural variations.

Translation India provides professional website translation and localization services. Visit our website www.translationindia.com for more info.

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