Wireless Audience Response Systems, Voting Pads

What makes a corporate presentation or a conference a success? An interactive & engaging session that involves the audience and makes them feel a part of the program! And how do you achieve that with Best Audience Response System?

Wireless Audience Response System or Voting Pads are the thing that can up the level of your any corporate event, presentation conference, training session or a product launch. It is a LIVE audience Voting System Rentals that allows the audience to share their response and breathes life into an otherwise monotonous event. Translation India offers best electronic Voting Pads For Conferences and seminars. Interactive Voting System comes hand when you need audience response rentals about any special events or projects.

Translation India offers a wide range of Electronic Voting Pads on hire for conferences, schools as well medical discussions. They are easy to use with a simple plug and play capability. Just set up the Audience Response System Rental and you get instant feedback. In fact, the answer gets instantly displayed on the LED screen as soon as the question is fired.

What Do You Get with Translation India’s Audience Response System Rentals?

  • A respondent Handset (Voting pads) , Software, Receiver and Master
  • Power Source- AAA battery
  • Battery life : 1 to 2 years
  • Technology- 2.4GHz Digital RF Technology
  • LCD screen with answer transmission indicator
  • Auto-setting question and options
  • Results can be displayed in multiple formats
  • Multi report facility and analysis of data as per requirement
  • Microsoft powerpoint integration.
  • Ten activity modes, such as normal quiz, rush quiz, elimination and so on
  • Supports Powerpoint quiz
  • Support quiz on paper, blackboard, PDF and so on
  • Integrated with whiteboard, document camera and tablet

What is The Set up Time for Voting Pads System?

It takes between 10 minutes to 30 minutes depending upon the number and availability of quiz questions.

How Much Translation India Voting Pad System Rentals Cost?

Translation India’s wireless voting pad system rentals and electronic voting keypads suits every budget pocket and comes within the price range of event managers as well as PCOs.

Suitable for – product launches, corporate events, presentations, conferences, medical discussions, training sessions etc.

We extensively provide our range of high quality, ultra advanced voting pad systems on hire from a variety of locations in India including Mumbai,Delhi,Bangalore,Chennai,Kochi,Hyderabad and many more. You name it and we deliver it there! Translation India has successfully managed more than 1200 Voting Pads For Schools in multiple sessions simultaneously without any hassles. Hire our modern interactive voting pad systems and make your event a success!

Wireless Audience Response System( Voting Pads) makes your presentation and conference even more engaging and interactive.
  • Translation India's voting pads are easy to use solution with Plug and play capability.
  • FLEXIBLE rental solutions available across all the cities In India including : MUMBAI,DELHI,BANGALORE,CHENNAI,KOCHI,HYDERABAD and many more.
  • Pricing to Suit budget of Event manager and PCOs.
  • Set up Time : between 10 minutes to 30 minutes depending upon the number and availability of quiz Questions.
  • Results will be displayed instantly after each quiz question.
  • Translation India has managed successfully over 1200 voting pads in multiple sessions simultaneously and seamlessly.
  • The System includes : respondent Handset( Voting pads) , Software, Receiver and Master
  • Power Source : AAA battery.
  • Battery life : 1 to 2 years.
  • 2.4GHz Digital RF Technology.
  • The handset has an LCD screen and answer transmission indicator .
  • Auto-setting question and options.
  • Results can be displayed in multiple formats.
  • Multi report facility and analysis of data as per Audience Voting Systems.

Instant Voting and Feedback Retrieval Support up to 999 users at the same time SINGLE SELECTION
Quiz and Test (with auto-marking & answer collection) With a receiving angle of 360 degrees MULTIPLE SELECTION
Corporate Training With a signal receiving distance of 100 meters RATING SCALE
Product launch, Conference, meeting, Medical discussion Smart power management on keypads by automatically entering into the sleep mode when
keypads are not in use