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Article 8 - Translation Company or Freelancer Translator - Whom to Choose

Today many businesses are expanding their boundaries and reaching out to new markets in different countries. With this trend there is a growing need for translation services so that companies can effectively communicate with its customers. Today companies are spending thousands of dollars to get a translation of their websites and marketing material so that they can communicate with their customers in their language.

But a big question which keeps boggling their mind is who to hire. Whether to go for a professional translation agency or hire a freelance translator for this job. This article tries to clear such doubts so that businesses can take a sound decision.

The two most important factors that should be considered while making this decision are:

What kind of services are required by your company- is it one time or on continuous basis?

If you have a continuing requirement, it is best to hire a translation agency. It will ensure terminology and style consistency for your business documentation, thus leading to the best possible quality. Also, agencies can handle large-scale translation requirements as well as complicated projects. Hence it is worth building up a strong and mutually rewarding relationship with a trusted and competent translation provider.

What are your preferences with respect to quality and cost of translation?

It is a common belief that translation services cost more than individual translators. But the fact is you get what you pay for. The huge cost in lost business due to unprofessional translations should be taken into account while considering the money spent on a quality translation.

If you think that the quality of your translated documents portrays your business image and affects your company’s reputation in a big way, then you should not risk this task to a freelance translator. Any individual translator working alone is sure to make mistakes. Poor communication and mistakes in translation make your company look very unprofessional. So to avoid embarrassment and be certain that your message is being conveyed correctly, you need to hire a specialized translation agency. They would guarantee that the translated document would be as if it was originally written in the language.

Translation India is one such agency that provides quality translation services. We have highly skilled and experienced translators who not only have linguistic capabilities but they are also experts in specific subject areas. We assign a team of translators specific to your project needs, who translate and also proofread your documents to ensure accuracy.

So contact us now for all your translation needs.

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