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Translation India is an international translation agency offering professional services in more than 140 languages to various multinational companies and big organizations. We also offer our services to other translation companies. Our services encompass technical translation, legal translation, sales and marketing material translation, clinical research translation, software localization, captioning and subtitling. We have extensive experience in many areas including website translation and localization.

As a translation agency, our major asset is our wide network of qualified translators, editors and proofreaders. Majority of our expert translators are certified from reputed institutions. They are rigorously assessed in-house for their skills despite of their certifications. All the translators are assigned projects based on their area of expertise and familiarity with the source as well as target culture. While assigning translation projects, we make sure that our translators are best equipped with the skills and abilities to use appropriate lingo for the assigned project. Our translators study the source and additional references provided by the clients before starting the actual translation work.

As a professional translation agency, we make sure that your message is translated fully and accurately including your tone, style and nuances. A source document is beautifully converted in to the target document for a different market and a different audience. We deliver target material equally effective and as natural as if it was written in native language. All our translation work is thoroughly edited, proof read and reviewed by an independent linguist to ensure accuracy and meaningfulness.

We are the most cost effective translation agency around. We charge per English word, when English is either the source or target language. Final charges are calculated based on word count of finished document. When English is not involved either as a source or target, we normally charge per source character or word, depending on language combinations. We always provide you with accurate cost estimates and approximate time frame to finish the project. We are a competent and responsible translation agency that honors agreements and produces quality work. Also, we deliver on time!

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