Portable Tour Guide Microphone and Headsets Transmitters

Translation India brings you a broad option of tour guide sound system to choose from, in the collection of wireless Tour Guide Systems and Portable Transmitters. Improve your tours, enhance the quality, feel the comfort while using TGS provided by Translation India. We offer you four options to choose from in the collection of Tour Guide systems.

Whether you are organising a large group tour, monitoring operations in a noisy production factory, or managing a full-scale theatrical production, Tour Guide Microphone and Headsets will meet your communication needs. The tour guide systems offered by Translation India are ADA compliant and FCC approved. Our tour guide speaker system are programmable and expandable to handle small or large tour groups in a long range of applications.

Why Use Tour Guide Sound System?

Tour guide sound systems allows tour groups overcome background noise and distance from the Audio Tour Guide – even in noisy surroundings. Tour Guide Communication System are used in factories, museums, power plants, zoos, theme parks, and anywhere else where tours are conducted.

Tour guide system rental is a great idea than buying a tour guide or intercom system. The reason is renting wireless tour guide system and microphone will dramatically reduce your cost of maintenance and storage. However, Translation India provides you both buy tour guide sytem and rental services, you can pick according to your need.