Mr.Ram Kesarwani
+91.9811 200 494

Customer Testimonials

We are a large corporate organisation and we organize over ten conferences every year and I have used Translation India so far for all my requirements. It's just great to use their services! With any other company you have to tell them everything that is required.

Not So with Translation India.

Just call them once and you get every updated gadgets and equipments of world class.

Pascal Esparon
"Everything was excellent Ram.... thank you again for taking good care of us. . It was a pleasure working with you."
  Anne Renaldi
Deputy Director, Conference Interpreting
ASET International Services Corp.
A COMSYS Services Company
"I have used your transcribing-services before, and I have been very satisfied with the work you have delivered.
I would therefore like to use your services again, and have two different interviews transcribed. I would only like to have the conversation conducted in English transcribed."
  Anette Frolich
"Thank you for the work...

We are pleased with the quality of the document and we would like to assign you with the remaining documents to be translated into French."
  Andy Thompson    
Regional Training Manager EMEA | CCH TeamMate
"Thanks a lot for your all-time assistance.

Will let you know, as soon as we'd receive it at LKO.

In future, if anybody in my contacts from India or USA needs Translation services, I’d highly recommend your organization name.

You did a wonderful job. I’m really thankful to you and your organization."
  Garima Sharma   

"Thanks for your mail. It is a very kind gesture of yours that my email address still exists in your database.

You might have written it in a good faith and as a normal routine but I want to mention that I do not deserve these words of praise and felicitation, because I was never given an opportunity by you (except once), to extend my 'cooperation' or have 'working relationship' with you, (or prove my efficiency, if you allow me to say), which I earnestly desired to, honestly.

It might be strange for you to know and you might have forgotten it, that after entering the world of online translation (2006), my very first (paid) translation assignment, which I feel proud of, was with YOU. If you don't believe, I can provide you with the copies of your mails together with that medical assignment which concerned Diabetes.

I am not writing to you this for seeking any work etc, but just to thank you only for your courtesy and paying a raw person at that time which boosted my confidence too much. I am well established now by the grace of Almighty (http://www.proz.com/profile/133882), but I still remember your company that how afraid I was dealing with you because it was my first time.

Anyhow, thanks for giving me your time for reading all this, which I could not resist writing when I saw your name at the bottom of your mail

May God bless you, Sir !"

  Asghar (aburiaz at Proz)   

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