Tabletop Simultaneous Interpretation Booths Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment-

Translation India provides best in class tabletop interpretation booths and simultaneous interpretation equipment on the market. Professionally designed by audipack and multi-caisses quality standards simultaneous interpretation system are suitable for all types of conference systems.

Translation India offers simultaneous translation equipment rental as well as translating and interpreting service for confrences.

The full-size mobile simultaneous tabletop interpretation booths meet the highest ISO standards and requirements. The wall panels are interchangeable, giving flexibility for any type of room configuration. Booths can also be extended to accommodate additional interpreters simply by adding panels.

These professionally designed booths provide a comfortable and professional environment for the interpreters. Ventilation systems, sufficient work space and outlets for lighting, power and cabling are some of the design features included to improve the interpreters’ otherwise challenging work conditions.

Our aim to provide a high-quality simultaneous language translation services for your conference, event or a large scale meeting.

Translation India - Tabletop Simultaneous Interpretation Booths Technical Specifications

Outside standard dimensions : 183 cm X 207 cm X 184.3 cm (L x H x D)
Acoustic environment: Surpass ISO-4043-1998 international standard

Standard panels (6) 61 cm X 207 cm
Window panels (5) 61 cm X 207 cm
Door panel (1) 61 cm X 207 cm
Roof panels (4) 61 cm X 184.3 cm

Standard outside color:Light grey
Standard inside color: Dark blue
Assembly: No tools required
Approx. assembly time: 5 minutes (1 persons)

Storage & shipping:

Included (1) ATA-300 shipping case on wheels (52.5 kg for 1 case).
Outside case dim. 207.1 cm x 109.22 cm x 33.02 cm (L x H x D)

Air ventilation:

Included (2) 38 DB Airvac 110 or 220 volts fan assembly units CSA approved.


Easy to install working table, double Plexiglas® window, air conditioning, soundproof flooring, interior partition systems, custom size built.


Each panel is built with ABS plastic exterior with special isolated soundproof fiberglass panel. Material is fire retardant UL-723. Inside covering is made with decorative textile 100% polyester. Cotton of 9 mm. Woven density and weight of 60 gr. per meter. Framing is PVC extrusion with unique connecting concept with industrial Velcro for easy assembly without tools.