Apps & Software Translation Services

We offer best in class localization services for software development firms. We help developers to customize their software, web applications and websites for use across the globe including Asia, Europe, America, Africa and Middle East.

Software localization is described as the process of translating the content and customizing the functional elements of a software application so that it can be used at international level. Translation India offers robust methodology and use of advanced localization technologies ensuring your software is ready for global use.

Our Methodology for Localizing Software

The different types of software include web applications, desktop software and mobile apps. A good software localization practice ensures transforming the original content and user interface of the software from one language to another while maintaining the same features as the original version.

We follow a unique approach for each software localization project. Following are the basic steps to localize software:

Preparing design for localization - is to ensure that the functionality of your source language software is best prepared for localization and international roll-out.
Translation of Text Strings - to localize all text within the software
Build localized version - Complete the software build with the localized text files
Testing - Testing the localized software rigorously to ensure the quality of language, appearance and functionality of software

IIn order to support development and business teams of a software firm, our localization engineers are always available to assess their needs and develop the most practical and cost effective solutions for your Software Localization needs. Our software localization team includes a team of:

Localization engineers
Localization project manager
Multilingual desktop publishers
QA engineers

Target Languages for Localization
The prominent languages for software localization include all major European, Asian, Middle Eastern, African or Latin American languages including Arabic, Dari, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, etc.

Translation Memory (TM) has an important role in Software Localization. A translation memory is a kind of database where previously translated texts are stored. TM not only helps a translator in speeding up their work, but also improves the consistency of the overall translation quality of software. Its components can be easily re-used. It reduces the total time needed for translation.