Silent Conference System - Silent Conference Interpreting Equipment Rental

Translation India provides quality simultaneous interpretation system, simultaneous interpretation equipment and Silent Conference System rental in India.

Translation India provides best silent conference system to deliver the best audio possible for corporate events. With our exclusive wireless silent headphones one can clearly listen what's speaker is trying to say. Our Wireless Conference Headphones and Conference Interpreting Supports multiple speakers that saves both on venue space, time as well as cost.

What is Silent Conference System?

SILENT CONFERENCE as the name suggests is an innovative way of handling a conference sans the paraphernalia of complex and large PA system, costly equipment and logistics nightmare especially if there is a large gathering with multiple breakaway group.

Silent Conference allows you for delivering an event where you can have multiple speakers and at the same time and same venue without affecting the other one.

It gives you the facility of running several groups in one main room rather than having one speaker per one room. All you need to do is to set up different speakers at different areas in the hall, and each speaker is provided with microphones and is assigned a separate individual channel.

Silent Conference System Benefits:

  • Meets the challenges of limited space for conducting Plenary and Breakaway sessions
  • No need of multiple set up – AV, Halls , chairs and rest of the paraphernalia
  • Easy for delegates to choose based on their area of interest
  • Substantial reduction in cost due reduced logistics, equipment and manpower along need for larger venues.
  • In case Simultaneous Interpretation services are being provided – the same equipment can be used for Silent Conference
  • Environmental friendly and as reduces noise pollution
  • The idea of Silent Conference with Translation India is gaining popularity enormously because of its added advantages like Cost Saving, Logistic Saving, no need of separate
  • Saves time and resources as set up time required is less than conventional conference.

Where It Works ?

  • Exhibition Halls and Expositions
  • Breakout sessions and workshops
  • Product Launches
  • Simultaneous Interpretation.
  • Branding
  • CorporateTeam Building and Brainstorming Sessions
  • Language and Training sessions

Why Translation India ?

Translation India has successfully provided the Wireless Audio Conference System on hire for numerous such conferences including Amazon Web Services 2016 and 2017 at NESCO, Mumbai and Oracle open world 2017, New Delhi
We have the capability to provide up to 40 breakout sessions for more than 20000+ guests at the same time.
Translation India has its own inventory with trained and experienced Technical team to handle such events across India and abroad.