Sennheiser Tour Guide System

A Sennheiser tour guide system is a easy to use lightweight and portable radio system that helps in communication no matter if you are a communication with a single person or to a group of people. A typical system comprises a compact microphone transmitter for the presenter and wireless receiver headsets for the listeners.

The digital Sennheiser wireless tour guide system doesn’t need special technical knowledge. Its intelligent technology is user friendly and designed to serve people with ease. The system is quickly set-up for operation, receiver channels can be synchronized at the push of a button while still in the charging bay. The HDE stethoset combines receiver and headphones in one device. It switches on automatically when put on, immediately ready to operate. That’s as simple and intuitive as it gets.

Factory tour. You wish to take several visitor groups through your production facility simultaneously? The machines work fast - and produce not only unique products, but also intensive background noise. The audio tour guide system should be able to talk calmly at a normal level - and visitors should be able to understand every single word during the entire tour. A powerful system with excellent speech intelligibility is called for here.

Whether it is a quiet or noisy environment, a small or large group, several different groups or just one, with or without an interpreter, audio in combination with visual applications. Translation India is the right partner for reliable transmission of information.

Translation India provides quality wireless tour guide system as well as tour guide microphone and headsets. Call us to know about Sennheiser audio tour guide system rental price.

Sennheiser Tour Guide System Features:

  • 32 channels in the license-free frequency range.
  • Microphone input with adjustable sensitivity
  • Line input with adjustable sensitivity
  • Backlit display shows: channel selection, Battery status, Audio level meter for microphone & lock mode.
  • Yellow LED: peak warning
  • Red LED: MUTE or LOW BATT warning