R&D and Patents Translation

For patent translations, 100% accuracy and subject matter expertise are extremely important as huge amount of money is invested in intellectual assets. Important research and development projects and business decisions based on their outcome are at potential risk.

Translation India deploys only native translators with technical background who are experienced in patent writing and translations, holding higher degrees and technical qualifications such as PhD, or MS degree in science, engineering, computer science or medicine.

There are two prime objectives of patent translations:
  1. For filing patents
  2. For information only

In some cases, a patent translation is done for the purpose of obtaining information only. It is mostly done when patents are translated for lawsuits or for investigation of any prior research. Translation of a patent done for the purpose of obtaining information is precise in nature and quite similar to the original patent's style, sequence and content also.

While filing patents, the precise style of translation is not recommended. The translators working on translations done for the purpose of patent filing must be familiar with the differences of various acts, bylaws and ruling practices among patent offices of the European Patent Office (EPO), US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), and the Japanese Patent Office (JPO).

In some cases, full patent or research paper translation is not desired at the patent attorney office. The requirement might be only to search for relevant portions and just only those claims are to be translated.

We offer translation services in 140 languages designed to meet all your requirements. We translate:

  • Abstract from research papers
  • Claims and identification of terms
  • Headings
  • Lead paragraphs
  • A list of relevant questions about the technical papers or selected patents can be provided to us and our experienced patent translators will thoroughly scan all the documents to provide appropriate answers for your questions, translate the paragraph or claims most suitable to your queries. We can deliver satisfactory services at a very low cost as compared to that of complete patent translation.