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“Translation India announces the introduction of simple website translation packages to encourage SMEs into multilingual websites” Translation India, A New Delhi based leading provider of language services announces the launch of simple, hassle-free website translation packages enabling small businesses to go for multilingual websites. The package has been designed to deal with their general reluctance to have multilingual websites as well as to provide them with cost-effective solutions.

“The future growth of the business lies in the non-English speaking nations, because a large proportion of people from these countries are increasing using the Internet. If a business wants to expand globally and reach new markets it should give serious consideration to multilingual websites.” Said Mr. Ram Kesarwani, CEO of Translation India.

Internet usage is no longer dominated by English speaking users. A web presence in only English language captures only a small portion of the online audience. In order to reach new markets and obtain a competitive edge, it is almost imperative for companies to have multi-lingual websites. Translation India with its website translation packages can help SMEs achieve this with minimal investment and effort. It has shown the way to companies to maximise their global potential and increase revenues.

Firmly committed to providing top-quality translation services, Translation India has a pool of thousands of native speaking professional translators worldwide who guarantee a fast turnaround time for all types of translation projects. The company has a long-standing reputation in the industry for its unparalleled quality and focus on customer service. So customers can be assured of ultimate care and best value for money.

“The fundamental mission of our organization is to minimize the barriers of language and culture and to support communication between people. Being a customer-focused entity, it remains our constant endeavour to provide unmatched services to our clients. This move is one such gesture helping clients to attain their full market potential.” Adds Mr. Ram Kesarwani.

About Translation India
Established in 1997, Translation India is one of the fastest-growing translation companies in the world, offering translation and interpretation services in more than 140 languages. It specializes in almost all the major languages of the world including French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and Korean; and provides services in different fields like medical, finance, legal, technical and IT.

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