Other Equipment Services Available for Rental

Walky Talky

Manage your Team and Events more efficiently with Walky Talky

The word of Walky Talky is itself is sufficient, when it comes to communicate and manage the team in large scale groups. Weather one is on the move or in the office, communication is the most essential part, when it comes to managing the entire team. We have wide variety of models of Walky Talky in various distance ranges to take control of your precious time and team management. With the help of hand’s free microphone and earpiece, one can operate these sets very effectively. He/she will get crystal clear voice from the other listeners and can communicate easily with no barrier in effective communication.

Having Walky Talky in possession, if one is carrying same series of sets, he/she can talk simultaneously and can also listen to what is going on with their other co-workers, They can listen, all the conversation and if required, they can also advise or interfere. There is also a provision to keep conversation between two persons completely private.

It is the most effective way of communication for small and large group of companies where communication is most essential to boost the business. We at Translation India rent out these sets as per your requirements, as well as we sell them with the provision of providing the operating license from the license authority of Government of India

Audio Visual and Projection systems

Translation India provides the world’s best available technology driven Audio-Visual equipments on both rental basis as well as permanent installation basis. The range varies from a basic drawing room to corporate board meeting room.

We supply all the supporting gadgets and equipments related to conferences and meetings. Ranging from basic DLP projectors, scan converters, customized screens, signal distributors, processors and other display solutions.

We not only supply or install Audio-Visual equipments; we also help our clients to choose the best available technology in accordance with their present requirements and future technological changes.

Soundless classrooms systems for Schools and Universities

In the world of digital e class revolutions where, the teachers teaches their students with the help of laptops and LCD projectors. And they are equipped with cord less microphones and PA systems so that they don’t have to speak to lat24ud and at the same time the message is well communicated and all can hear very clearly. Translation India has installed such e class equipments to many educational institutions, schools and universities on permanent installation basis. The systems are available on day-to-day rental basis too.

UHF Microphones and Sound system

Just think of how frustrating it is for your audience, if they are not able to hear or understand you properly because of a poor quality mike that you are using.

To manage an event or handle large size or mid-sized business conference, sound systems and its related equipments are most essential. Equipped with world’s most sophisticated conference management system, we also provide wireless microphones, sound systems, UHF cordless microphones, mixers and its associated equipments. We have got the option of various reputed brands of audio equipments like Yamaha, Shure, JBL and Behringer.

We have many kinds of equipments which are fully compatible with complete digital system and the IR based technology varying from basic audio visual systems to high end professional systems.

Stage related services such as Stage, Backdrop, both analogue and digital signage's

There is only one chance to make a first impression. Effective and creative use of stages in your presentation can help you create that impression on your audience.

Translation India, offers a wide range of stage designs available in many configurations. They are suitable for both outdoor and indoor events. With our stages, we can ensure that your event stands out and portrays a professional image about your company.

Our team will do the complete setup of the stage. So next time you wish to make a visual impact which can appeal to your audience, do remember us. We also handle flex printing for signage and backdrop design and printing.

Plasma display to LED display

We have various kinds of display systems ranging from basic plasma display for indoor to LED wall outdoor display application.

Display systems are also very important medium for events and large conferences like AV and sound related equipments. If it is a small business meeting, plasma and projector display systems are the ideal equipments. If it is a large conference, concert or business meeting, LED wall is the most ideal solution.

As in the big shows, large audience gathers and it is very important to deliver valuable message to everyone, so that audience is well communicated and equally benefitted.

Webcasting and Video Conferencing

Translation India has its own technical equipments and manpower to facilitate the webcasting of any conference and business meetings not only in India but across the world.

With available systems user-friendly software, any user can be logged into a live conference from any part of the world via a provided IP address.
The solution of webcasting provides simple affordable solutions to the people who do not want travel to attend a meeting and at the same time, don’t want to miss important discussions of the meeting.

The webcasting technology not only provides personnel attendance on business meetings but also helps one to join question and answer round from the Q/A facility available on the system from where one has logged in. No matter from which ever part of the world, you may be attending the conference. It is so user-friendly solution for a business person who regards the business ethics in the corporate world.

We also have capacity to provide multi-lingual webcasting by using interpreter in between for multi language distribution for comfortable listening in own choice of language.

Wireless Receiver and Headphone sets

These instruments are light, mobile, and easy to operate, have 32 channel frequencies to enable the user to choose between various language options available.

We provide the followings services as the single door delivery under the banner of Translation India:

> Pipe and Drape Rental
> Entranceway Displays and Design
> Registration Booths and Counters
> Custom Exhibits and Backdrops
> Audio Visual and Lighting Equipment
> Easels and Display Cases
> PA System
> Tour Guide System
> Simultaneous Interpreting Service with On-Site Engineers
> Delegate microphone Systems
> Wired & Wireless conference microphone systems
> Soundproof Booths for Rent with On-Site engineers, Cables & Accessories
> Single or Multi camera setup for shooting with online editors.
> Voting Pads.

Interpretation Booth

A completely well-prepared interpretation booth provides complete noise resonance between language interpreters and the conference delegate or participants allowing for a comfortable working and listening atmosphere. This is the only and the perfect solution for simultaneous interpreters to maintain the intense effort of concentration required to deliver accurate interpretation.

With the help of Interpretation booth, they are able to work peacefully and in sync with the available source to be translated for the targeted listeners who seek their own choice of language to understand better and well communicated with the programme agenda.

The booths not only reduce audio interference noise to the interpreters and listeners but, it also helps to improvise in work and reduce the sound of voices coming from outside the booth. Thus, there is no disturbance to the audience or other interpreters sitting in other booths.

Our translation booths are ideal for simultaneous interpretation, meetings and conferences and can provide the perfect visual and two-way audio communication between the interpreters and the participants!

The main technical specifications of our booths are:
> Designed as per ISO-4043 (International Organization for Standardization) standards, a worldwide standard for translation booths
> Size: are available in 6’ width x 4’depth x 6.5’ height as well as 4’width x 4’ depth x 6.5’ height
> The larger size: can accommodate 2 interpreters comfortably
> Includes pre-fitted ventilation system for clean air.
> Light weight for easy transportation
> Easy to assemble anywhere.

Our translation booths can be rented out on daily basis based on your requirement with simultaneous interpretation package, with or without professional trained technicians. They are also available for sale.

Quality of Equipment

We provide gadgets equipped with the latest technology, which are in accordance with International standards. W e have awarded the international certification of ISO 9001-2008 for outstanding services what we provide to our customer in the past and will continue in future with the best available equipments in the world t. the simultaneous system what we have supports the followings.

> Conference configuration for any numbers of delegations
> Conference equipment set-up and configuration for any type of conference
> Five modes of login operation (e.g. pre-assigned seat, personal code or chip-card registration)
> Extensive voting control management
> Full language up to 32 channels support
> Multiple user profiles with different functionalities/buttons available
> Message facility for pre-recorded messages and self-produced messages
> Name handling and registration facility
> Agenda configuration
> Mimic diagram set-up
> Various reports and import/export facilities

Conference Management

Yes, we provide everything, from start to finish, the best professional services.
Conference Management:

We offer a full range of conference management services:
> Budget and finance
> Promotions and printing
> Announcement & call for papers
> On-line abstract management
> Exhibits
> Off-site venue selection
> Pre and on-site registration
> Speaker selection & management
> Protocol management
> Simultaneous translations
> Audio visual requirements
> Hotel and meeting spaces
> Transportation arrangements
> Housing services
> Congress secretariat
> Consulting services
> Event and social program management
> Webpage creation & maintenance

Total Solutions

Our event division takes care of the full conference and destination management including: Budgeting, computerized and on-line pre and on-site registration and housing management, facility and meeting space planning, coordination and installation of Audio-Visual equipment, transportation arrangements, trade show management, exhibit sales and marketing.

Motivational meetings, multimedia shows, theme banquets, ceremonies and galas incorporating innovative decor, speakers, entertainment and promotions, are also part of our repertoire.

Graphic design and production of your promotional materials and programs, public and media relations, advertising and sales are services we can deliver efficiently and effectively. We handle the copy writing too! We will take the time to review your needs and objectives, then as an independent company, we will find the best suppliers at the lowest price.
total solutions

Why Us?

As of now in India, particularly in New Delhi, only a few players are there in the field of Interpretation equipment rentals. Most of them are very expensive when it comes to providing the equipment on rent. Most of the time, it kills the interest of the organizers to hire the equipment. So, if you are hiring equipment on rent, the most cost-effective option will be a translation/interpretation company, as only such an organization can provide you hassle free service with expertise in both language interpretation as well as required gadgets.

One of our project managers will personally supervise and coordinate the entire event. We also have a data bank of 2000 simultaneous interpreters from all over the world who are professionally certified interpreters in their language of specialization. They can fly any time to any part of the world at a very short notice. > The equipment provided is world class.

> We can provide you a list of references for with whom we have worked for.
> We manage all aspects of the interpretation
> We are a full service translation and interpretation agency and we provide the interpreters ourselves.
> We have the required experience
> A technician will be present throughout the event to ensure uninterrupted services.