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Translation India offers cost-effective multilingual conference interpreting solutions. Conference simultaneous interpreting solutions work best in properly configured venueswith professional interpreters. Walk-in preconfigured facilities are also offered for smaller groups.

Translation India has an ability to deliver the best in all areas of meeting management and production due to its multicultural/multilingual expertise. We provide interpreters for multilingual conference and also supply simultaneous interpreting equipment for meetings, conferences, meetings and seminars.

Our range of interpretation and translation equipment include:

  • Interpreter's booths,
  • Headphones
  • Microphones
  • Transmitters
  • Consoles
  • Other sound and audio equipment


We take care of every aspect of a conferencebe it technical set-up of all equipment to providing interpreters. We can plan and manage conferences and meetings in all shapes and sizes. Be it a small business meetings to large multilingual conferences, we can guarantee satisfaction.

Our multilingual conference solutions include:

  • Soundproof Interpreting Booths: Our soundproof interpreting booths facilitate conference interpreters to be tucked away in a discreet manner.
  • Recording Devices, Mixers: These equipment are used to cover a series of conference/meeting formats and are available in multiple configurations.
  • Interpreter Consoles: allows the interpreters to control received and transmitted audio at their end and assigns different languages to separate language channels. Its individual headsetallows interpreters to listen through and concentrate exclusively on the speech they are supposed to interpret.
  • Wireless transmitters: facilitates transmission of the interpreted messageclearly to the receivers and allowsinterpreters to perform their job comfortably for success of your multilingual conference.
  • Interpreting Equipment Technicians –Our team of experienced technicians set up, organizes and monitor interpreting systems during meetings or conferences.
  • Delegate Units – Include headphones, microphones and voting systems for distribution to delegates and attendees.


Our project managers can help you with all aspects of your multilingual conferences starting from providing interpreters to preparing booths to translation of literature. 
Our team of experienced conference interpreters can provide you with best of simultaneous interpreting services. All our conference interpreters are qualified and experienced and this ensures you will receive only the highest level of services.

Apart from simultaneous interpreting, we also offer following services for our clients: 

  • Conceptualisation and design of meeting space 
  • Needs analysis/production management 
  • Selection of equipment
  • Technical support for installation of conference equipment  
  • Floor interpreters 
  • Restaurant and special event coordination
  • Tour guides

About the Team

Mr. Ram takes an active interest in the ongoing projects & activities of each and every division in the Company. He makes sure that he is always accessible, to the clients as well as project managers through email and phone. In fact, his laptop computer is known to be his mini office!

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