Are you bored of following the older tradition for your tours? Try something new and exciting which will add some extra fun, entertainment and advent in your touring.

Translation India brings you a newly product 2.8 inch Mp3 Audio Guide system. This product is a boon for the tourism industry as it completely removes the intervention of human guide system and allows for a hassle free audio tours. All what you need is to feed the files in our provided 2.8 inch Mp3 audio Guide system and then enjoy your tour in your own way you want with all the briefed information detailed about the particular monuments you going to visit.

The information provided are completely authentic and based upon the scientific researches and academician information about the history of any particular monument. We at Translation India completely understand your needs and requirements and thus provide you with our latest and advanced technology in the audio tours system.

The Mp3 Audio Guide designed sophisticatedly with a compact size comes with a display screen and standard sized keyboard with all other options of play/pause, volume up/down, battery display, Menu key, Map key, Language key, and such others available within the machine allowing you for an easy and hassle free experience throughout your tour.

Moreover, adding or deleting the files in 2.8 inch Mp3 Audio Guide System is a cinch. All what you need to do is to use the USB cable to connect the device with your computer. The Mp3 files provided by us are just for a sample test and your reference. Once you connect this device with your computer through the USB, you can delete them and start storing the new files one by one accordingly your needs.

We at Translation India, provide you option of both i.e. purchasing and renting our 2.8 inch Mp3 Audio Guide system. So just don't wait anymore, book your next tour with our provided Mp3 Audio Guide system and enjoy a complete hassle free new adventurous journey for your tours.