Machine Translation Vs Human Translation


Machine Translation Vs Human Translation

Machine Translations may seem miraculous the first time you see them in action. You open the document, select the text you want to be translated, and press the “Translate” icon. In a couple of seconds you get Spanish Translation, French Translation, German Translation whatever language you want. But if you are fortunate enough to know the language in which you have translated your document into, you will quickly notice problems.

The translation may be understandable but it may not clearly be of publishable quality. What an MT software basically does is substitute words and phrases in one language for those in another. And the result is far from perfect.

MT Software’s consist of dictionaries and algorithms to compose a sentence according to grammar rules of a language. The inherent difficulty in machine translation is that it does not discern the context and intended meaning the way humans can. However complex the computer program, it doesn't care for meanings of words, word combinations, sentences, paragraphs, or the whole text. It knows nothing about rhetoric and style. It only diligently substitutes words and expressions taken from a dictionary for those in another language.

But you do not want your material to be turned into a meaningless word mesh. What you expect is an accurate, easy to read translation without “foreign touch” in its style. Your basic purpose is to translate the thought and meaning of the document and not just words and phrases. For this, it is always wise to use the services of professional translation agencies that employ native speaking human translators who will deal with meanings rather than words.

Although translation tools may be successful in conveying the general sense of the original words, they often prove incapable of producing an impeccable translation. As in many other technological attempts to supplement human skills with sophisticated machines, a human touch remains necessary to adequately convey the exact meaning of the source text. No matter how advanced translation tools have become, they can hardly be regarded as a substitute for a competent human translators. There are specific styles of translations that machine tools cannot handle properly.

It is true that MT’s are better when it comes to speed and cost. But if you intend to create market ready translations; accuracy is of utmost important, and with MT’s you are losing that a lot. Even developers of Machine Translation software recognize these limitations and advice to use these translations only as drafts that enable people to quickly and inexpensively handle day-to-day communication in foreign languages.

So if you need an impeccable translation of documents contact Translation India today. We specialize in French Translation, Spanish Translation and German Translation of documents relating to any field.

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