Legal Translation Services

Legal matters are critical to the health and well-being of any organization. In a multilingual environment, that criticality is even significant because of the risks involved. There is no room for error when it comes to translating a legal document in another language. For all legal and official purposes, evidentiary documents and other official documents are usually required to be submitted in the official language(s) of a jurisdiction.

In few countries, if translations of such documents are required, a translator has to swear an oath to attest that it is the legal equivalent of the source text. Usually, only translators of a special category are authorized to swear such oaths. In most cases, the translation is accepted as a legal equivalent only if it is accompanied by the original or a sworn or certified copy of the same.

Even if a translator specializes in legal translations or is a lawyer in his own country, this does not necessarily make him a sworn translator in some other country. The procedure for translating documents for legal equivalence differs from country to country.

When you need professional legal translations you can rely on Translation India's legal translation services. Professional legal translations are our one of our core strengths. When it comes to legal documents, you can't afford even a single mistake.

Translation India guarantees that all your documents will be translated with 100% accuracy. You can be rest assured that our professional legal translators can translate any document in any language. Whether you need to translate legal documents for court, litigation or immigration purposes, there's only one Legal Translation Services Company to count on that is Translation India. We translate anything and everything.

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Translate your legal documents with our certified translations

Certified translations are an absolutely must requirement within legal frameworks. Most judicial institutions, such as courts of law or governmental bodies, ask for that all translated documents must have a proper certification to be considered as official. If you do not have the proper certifications, your documents cannot be accepted by these institutions.

With Translation India, you can be rest assured that all of your legal documents will be delivered with the proper certifications and be acceptable by court of law.

Why you should outsource Legal Translation

When you are dealing with cross border clients, the stakes are a lot higher. Anything less than precision can turn out to be between losing and winning a legal case. There might also be the requirement of meeting deadlines and filing papers within due dates in multiple languages.

We can help you achieve both the quality and the meeting the deadlines without fail.


There are few disciplines like the world of law emphasize on absolute precision. For any document to be produced as evidence every single word has to be accurate and every clause needs to be strictly upheld.