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“High end language interpretation service with high quality interpretation equipment in excellent condition on hire only at Translation India.”

Language is the means to unite the world. It shouldn’t be the barrier that divides it. Translation India provides high quality interpretation equipment on hire so as to allow uninterrupted flow f ideas, conversations across borders without any hassles.

If you are planning for a multilingual event or going to organize a grand multicultural program with nationalities of various countries as representatives, you bound to have language interpretation services by Translation India.

We offer not only high end interpretation equipment on rent, but also provide you 24X7 support that helps in the smooth running of your large scale event.

Translation India provides wide range of simultaneous interpretation equipments for confrence, business, and evets as well as provides silent confrence equipments rental.

We realize the importance of accurate translation and what could happen if even a single word is misinterpreted or translated at such events. That is why we personally test and set up our world class interpretation equipment rentals so that you don’t face any kind of embarrassment or trouble later on.

Translation India provides interpretation & language translation services in any requested language like Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arab, Hindi, English, Tamil, Malayalam, Sanskrit, German, Spanish, French etc.

Our state of the art infrastructure and proficient team of competent translators work diligently to deliver error free language interpretation services.

Translation India is a trusted name in translating and interpreting service sector who never compromise with the quality. You can reach us anytime if you need sound-proof interpretation booths, bosch simultaneous interpretation equipment, etc.

We Provide

1. Bosch IR Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment - It allows interpretation in multiple languages at the same time & place with advanced digital technology an gives a superior listening experience.

2. RF Digital Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment - With and advanced modulation system and built in PLL frequency, this interpretation service makes use of RF stereo transmitters for simultaneous interpretation.

3. Mobile Simultaneous Interpretation Booth Systems - Light weight and easy to build, this simultaneous interpretation booth are can be set up anywhere and are completely sound proof. They can accommodate up to 3 translators inside the booth with zero sound interference from outside.

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Advanced digital technology for a superior listening experience
Secure infra-red distribution
No interference from lighting
User-friendly selection of up to 32 channels
Attractive, ergonomic receiver design
Seamless integration with
Bosch’s DCN Conference systems
RF stereo transmitters are used for Simultaneous Interpretation
Advanced modulation system and built-in
PLL frequency
Well-shielded, compact structure & small size
40 channels pre fixed for interpretation functionality
Good timbre, wide dynamic state & steady carrier frequency
RF output power may be adjustable continuously between 0.5-15W
Designed to ISO-4043 a worldwide standard for translation booths
Size: 6’ width x 4’depth x 6.5’ height
Light weight & Easy to assemble
Double Plexiglass window
15-panel sound-proof, full-sized translation booths
Comes with silent whisper 110 volts fan assembly unit

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Translation India started from humble two room rented apartment in 2001 offering document translation and basic interpretation services.

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