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“Mobile simultaneous interpretation booth for smooth functioning of your conference/presentation/event”

Worried about finding a space for your translators at your next multicultural event where there would be no disturbance? Can’t find a space big enough for your translators to sit and work comfortably? Just abandon your worries and relax.

Translation India introduces sound proof mobile simultaneous interpretation booths for a hassle free interoperation service.

  1. These simultaneous translation booths are easy to build and can be moved easily fromone place to another.
  2. They can accommodate up to 2-3 translators per booth.
  3. The booths are completely, sound proof and made of fiberglass panel.
  4. There is absolutely zero sound interference from outside.

Simultaneous translation booths have been designed to provide you a completely professional and error free simultaneous interpretation services. Translation India have always stressed upon the importance of accuracy in translation and that is why it is one of the leading companies in this sector. Having provided its services for many prestigious events including PM’s Independence Day speech interpretation for international delegates, Translation India and its simultaneous mobile interpretation booths are just what you need for your multicultural event o run smoothly. Hire now! .


Outside standard dimensions : 171,4 cm x 203,5 cm x 173,5 cm (L x H x D)

Acoustic environment: Surpass ISO-4043-1998 international standard (some articles)

Standard panels (3) 85.7 cm x 203.5 cm 10.00 kg
Window panels (4) 85.7 cm x 203.5 cm 14.10 kg
Door panel (1) 85.7 cm x 203.5 cm 17.00 kg
Roof panels (2) 85.7 cm x 173.5 cm 7.70 kg
Total panels weight
118.80 kg
Total panels & case weight
171.30 kg

Standard outside color: Dark grey or light grey (ABS plastic finish)
Standard inside color: Light grey or dark blue
Assembly: No tools required
Approx. assembly time: 10 minutes (2 persons)


Storage & shipping:
Included (1) ATA-300 shipping case on wheels (52.5 kg for 1 case).
Outside case dim. 207.1 cm x 109.22 cm x 33.02 cm (L x H x D)
Air ventilation:
Included (2) 38 DB Airvac 110 or 220 volts fan assembly units CSA approved.
Easy to install working table, double Plexiglas® window, air conditioning, soundproof flooring, interior partition systems, custom size built.
Each panel is built with ABS plastic exterior with special isolated soundproof fiberglass panel. Material is fire retardant UL-723. Inside covering is made with decorative textile 100% polyester. Cotton of 9 mm. Woven density and weight of 60 gr. per meter. Framing is PVC extrusion with unique connecting concept with industrial Velcro for easy assembly without tools.

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Translation India started from humble two room rented apartment in 2001 offering document translation and basic interpretation services.

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