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We are a translation services agency with a focus on the insurance industry. We can translate policy documents, website copy, brochures, claims, emails and other insurance related documentation.

Translation India has provided document translation services, language testing, and other language solutions to businesses, government agencies and non-profit organizations for more than 15 years. Our team of over 2,500 native language translators gives us the capability to offer professional translation services in more than 140 languages. One of our many specialties is the insurance translation.

Translation services that offer complete cover

Insurance companies aiming to strengthen their global position and business must invest in translation in order to beat the competition and reach a wider clientele. Global market players in the insurance industry must ensure that their services are compatible with local infrastructures, regulations and processes etc.

Translation India ensures multi-language cohesiveness for all your insurance related documentation, including marketing and promotional material, policy documents and online copy etc.

Our team of specialist translators

As a translation agency for the insurance sector, we give full attention to detail and keep our understanding of the regulatory processes up-to-date.

Considering the nuances of the insurance sector, our linguists are well trained in working with businesses to meet their objectives and have expertise in interpreting different forms to make sure you get the maximum results.

We work with many of the world's leading insurance and reinsurance companies as well as their associate counsel, who completely rely on our translations during major litigations and dispute resolutions.

We regularly work with prominent insurance companies, translating material related to corporate governance. Our services include the following:

Translation of investment policies and updates
Quarterly highlights
Management and annual reports
Prospectuses, stock information, and dividend policy statements
Documents pertaining to claims investigations

Our services are a combination of personalized attention and a meticulous review process. For each certified document translation, our linguists insure that you receive accurate translations with zero errors. The documents we translate are guaranteed against punctuation and grammatical errors, as well as certified for acceptance by any court or government bodies.

Translation India covers several areas of Insurance Translation, including:
Accident reports
Recorded/ written statements
Medical Bills, transcripts, diagnostics etc.
Research of foreign texts
Claim document
Insurance policy
Engineering report
Annual report
Insurance marketing
Reinsurance treaty
Pension plan
Summary plan description
Insurance regulation

Our team of translators consist of technical and creative professionals which include bilingual attorneys, engineers, bankers, scholars and members of the diplomatic community who can work in unison to produce well-written, fool proof translations. The members of any given translation project also include cultural researchers, certified and accredited native translators, typesetters, copy editors, proof readers and project managers etc.

For every project, Translators are chosen for their expertise in insurance domain, accreditation, certification, as well as subject matter expertise in other associated domains. A designated project manager will evaluate your job or project, provide quotations and close financials and oversee the services to ensure the best results.

About the Team

Mr. Ram takes an active interest in the ongoing projects & activities of each and every division in the Company. He makes sure that he is always accessible, to the clients as well as project managers through email and phone. In fact, his laptop computer is known to be his mini office!

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Translation India started from humble two room rented apartment in 2001 offering document translation and basic interpretation services.

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