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If you are applying for a visa or green card, or any other immigration benefit, you will be required to submit various documents including your birth certificate, marriage certificate, and so on. However, if your documents are in a language other than English, you may need to get them translated.

Immigration requirements differ from country to country so as the level of certification for translations. You might be required to submit a translation along with your non-English certificate in the appropriate format.

What Your Translation Must Include:
  • A copy of the original document, and
  • A certified, word-to-word translation.

  • A copy of the original document is needed to be produced for authenticity purpose. Even if the immigration authorities can't read through it, they need to see how it looks like, to compare it and validate to their internal guidelines regarding an acceptable document from your country.

    For example, if it does not have the government stamps that the immigration officials are regularly used to see on such a certificate, it might be rejected.

    A "word-to-word" translation is not a summary, but an exact transcription of every word on the document, even if they seem somewhat irrelevant.

    Who Should Do the Translation?
    Are you looking for a translation agency for translating your Non-English Documents for Immigration Applications? You are at the right place! Translation India provides certified immigration translation services. The certified English translations provided by us are accepted by Immigration Services of all the countries.

    Immigration documents we translate are:

    Birth certificate
    Marriage certificate
    Divorce certificate
    Death certificate
    Identity card
    Police verification certificate
    Private and personal letters
    Financial documents
    Other supporting documents

    At Translation India, we have the knowledge and professionalism and we are aware of all the documentation that is required for citizenship to various countries,

    Our team of linguistic experts is experienced with the immigration process of most of the countries and can translate all of your documents with perfection. Each of our translations is delivered with the certifications you will need during the immigration process.

    All of our processes are carried out with professionalism and according to the requirements of the immigration system of the country you aspire to go to.

    Easy 4 Step Process for Translation
    1. Scan your documents: Scan (or click a photograph) of your documents - we do not require the original document.
    2. Upload or send us the files for a quote: Upload the files so that we can gauge the amount of work and send you a quote accordingly. You will receive our quote within few minutes.
    3. Accept the quote and pay securely via your credit card or paypal: Accept our quote by paying securely online using a credit card or paypal account.
    4. The translation is completed and then delivered via email or by post: We will certify the document and send you the translation on our letterhead and with the due certification.
    Certified Translations

    Your translations are formally certified as a true translation and bear our company stamp and signature. This can be used for official purposes and submission to government and other authorities. Our document translation is subject to strict quality control processes to ensure the accuracy of your translation.

    About the Team

    Mr. Ram takes an active interest in the ongoing projects & activities of each and every division in the Company. He makes sure that he is always accessible, to the clients as well as project managers through email and phone. In fact, his laptop computer is known to be his mini office!

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    Translation India started from humble two room rented apartment in 2001 offering document translation and basic interpretation services.

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