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Translation India offers a full-spectrum Hungarian translation service. Our professional Hungarian to English or English to Hungarian translators are qualified and possess extensive knowledge of various disciplines to meet the unique requirements of each assignment.

Hungarian is a Finno-Ugric language, unrelated to the other languages of Central Europe. Hungarian is the official language of Hungary, and thus an official language of the European Union. It is spoken in Hungary and by the Hungarian minorities in seven neighbouring countries. There are about 14.5 million speakers, of whom 10 million live in modern-day Hungary. About three million live in areas ceded by Hungary after World War One.

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Our goal is to provide our clients with a faithful rendition of the original material. Our native-speaking translators will concentrate on maintaining the original content and style of the document while taking into account the societal and cultural aspects of the target language, whether it is Hungarian or English. We ensure that every translation consistently meets the same high standards, so that we can guarantee our clients a high quality, yet competitively-priced, translation every time.

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