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In today's rapid changing world no one can afford to miss the desired topic of discussion and at the same time, no one wants to postpone precious valuable official assignments. We have noticed in the past, that many people come to attend the conferences especially large gathering. But, along with long discussions over many topics, they have to conduct their assigned duties simultaneously. The technology that we provide for this kind of scenario is - FM based transmitters and radio receiver sets. These are useful for such people who want freedom for movement. This allows people to keep moving with their assignments, and at the same time it allows them to be in tune with their favourites discussions. Whether one is preparing PPT, presentations for their bosses or is in the parking lot managing heavy rush of vehicles, this allows complete freedom from being in the conference venue and at the same time keep listening favourite topic of discussions.

Translation India provides wireless FM radio sets for simultaneous translation purpose along with its dedicated transmitters. This receiver works fabulously in all areas, no matter where you are - indoor, outdoor or in fields. There are no limitations for listening FM based simultaneous translated frequencies. Limitations are one has to be in the range of transmitters which is roughly 500 meter radius. We have more than 20,000 receivers of this kind.

FM Interpretation Systems

These wide band translation receivers headsets have eight channels. The listener can use the channel selector knob to choose a program of his choice. It is completely field tuneable and comes with a handy wrist strap that allows hands-free use. A red "ON" indicator light reminds listeners to turn the receiver off after use. These receivers come with a both AAA and AA battery operate options and has a mini-earphone.

It has a memory recall option, which allows to store and access desired tuned frequencies to avoid keep tuning again and again. These receivers provide clear CD quality audio, and are digitally synthesized controlled for rock solid tuning. Few of its other characteristics include LED power and low battery indicator, integral volume on/off control, channel selection knob and earphone jack. It can operate for up to 50 hours using 2 AA alkaline batteries. If AA rechargeable batteries are used then 12 units can be charged simultaneously with an optional multi-charger.

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