Delegate Mics Systems

If you hold meetings in halls, where acoustics are poor or halls are resonant or very large, or if your speakers are not loud enough or unclear, then discussion systems are simply a must.

We provide user-friendly digital discussion systems for rent, which cater to a wide range of applications ranging from conventions, board meetings, hotels to state houses. Our digital systems comply with the highest IEC industry standards. They are mobile, and easy to install and operate. They provide excellent sound quality. Some of the important features are chairperson overriding facility, touch screen function and powerful management software.

Each central unit can support up to 70 discussion units and the discussion system can be scaled for up to 200 discussion units through a single cable daisy chain inter-connection.

We also provide cordless UHF frequency based conference microphones systems to avoid messy cables. Being cordless, these microphones can be shared by co-delegate. The system can be operated through 32 independent channels and each microphone has separate transmitting frequency to the receivers.