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At Translation India, we look forward to providing for your needs from and into the Danish language. All of our Danish translation services are carried out exclusively by linguists who translate into their mother-tongue.

Danish is a North Germanic language with around 5.5 million speakers mainly in Denmark, and also in Greenland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Canada and the USA. Danish was the official language of Norway until about 1830 and of Iceland until 1944. Danish is now the first foreign language learnt in Iceland.

The highest quality translation services require a commitment to accuracy in a variety of industry-specific and cultural areas. We are well aware of the fact that a quality translation for the Danish market requires an attitude of commitment, responsiveness, overall quality and even creativity. Our customers experience this attitude in our daily work.

Our Danish to English and English to Danish translators not only have linguistic education and expertise, but also extensive knowledge of the subject matter they translate. This means that the original content, meaning and tone of your document remain intact. Whether you need translation services for legal documents or a marketing brochure, all of our Danish translations receive the same outstanding commitment to accuracy, fair pricing and quick turnaround.

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