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Corporate Language Training

Communication is the key to building relationships and trust that lead to successful business. In today's global community, a working knowledge of your business partner's language is a valuable asset.

Translation India’s unique and cost-effective approach to corporate language training is offered in a wide range of tailored courses for clients across India and Asia Pacific. We can help your employees develop communication skills in Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Italian and many more languages as per their need for desired level of expertise.

We offer:
responsive approach A flexible and responsive approach to changing client needs
high standard teaching High standards of teaching by employing only qualified and experienced educators, mostly language Professors from Universities.
flexibility A schedule negotiated with the client allowing for maximum flexibility
language teached Individual attention from highly qualified and experienced language teachers
vocabulary building Vocabulary building for effective business communication
skills development Development of efficient cross-cultural skills

Employee Training:
Our specially designed courses are perfect for new recruits, middle-management executives, top-management executives and any of your staff working in the international business world. We will check your staff’s current levels and assess their learning needs and then draw up course outline, method & materials.

We work together in close collaboration with our clients, designing courses to meet specific objectives, whether it is handling basic telephone communication or conducting major negotiations in your target language. We offer multiple options to conduct these courses to suit the needs of very busy corporate clients: individual classes - small groups or large groups - daytime and evening – short term or long term.

We are committed to designing and implementing training courses that meet our clients' needs. We believe that every student has different abilities and communication priorities, and we provide personalized training schedules, curricula and objectives.

Cross-Cultural Training:
In today's global age, cross-cultural understanding has become essential for communicating with global community.. Translation India language training combines business language with cross-cultural training which aims to assist companies to understand and interact more confidently and effectively in business situations.

Corporate programs are customized to the needs of our clients, incorporate industry-specific vocabulary, as

well as various idioms and colloquial expressions. Not only will you learn how to understand the new language, you will also acquire an understanding of the cultures where the language is used.

Our reputation has been built on our ability to provide clients with need-based, cost-effective and high quality language and cultural training.

Our mission is to provide top class language training solutions that focus on effectiveness, certifiedresults and real-world application to enable our clients to prosper on the world stage.

At Translation India, we strive to improve the skill level of individuals within your organization, as well as the business performance of your entire organization. Our professional language teachers are all qualified, experienced, have proven credentials and are enthusiastic to share their knowledge & skills with you to help you reach your language goals.

Please contact us now to assess your company's language training needs in order to deliver a language training programme that will best suit your particular situation.

Translation India's core team comprises of Project Managers who are highly skilled and well trained for handling their respective projects, whether it be translation / interpretation / transcription related. These highly motivated and self directed individuals work independently and Mr. Ram is always there to provide support and guidance when required.

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