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Article 2 - Choosing a Translation Agency

The Internet has rapidly turned the vast international business arena into a local playing field. With more and more companies setting up operations in different geographical locations, the need for professional translation services has increased tremendously. Companies need these services to get French Translation, Spanish translation etc. and overcome the language and cultural barriers in different countries.

But finding a translation agency can be a daunting affair. There are thousands of translation companies out there on the web to choose from. And choosing the right one is critical because your business image is at stake. So how do you decide which one to partner with? This article will offer some useful tips on selecting a translation agency.

1. Try to get a good deal, but watch out for rock bottom prices - It is not always a good idea to get your material translated "cheap and fast". While there are many agencies that offer rock-bottom prices, be aware that you get what you pay for, as the old saying goes. A very low price generally implies that the agency is not putting in the time or effort necessary for a professional translation. Your best bet is to first gauge quality, and then opt for lowest cost for quality.

2. Quality Services- The number one factor when choosing a translation service provider must be quality. But how do you find out whether a particular agency provides quality service? Here are some questions you can ask.

a. Does the translation agency employ native language translators exclusively? Usually, native language translators who live in a country that speaks the target language produce a higher quality translation.

b. Are these translators specialized in the field that they are translating into? A translator specializing in the field of your professional literature will have the knowledge of correct terminology. You will not want a translator specializing in marketing to translate legal or medical documents for you.

c. Qualification and experience of translators. Be sure that the translators recruited by the agency are proficient and experienced by asking the agency about their recruitment process. Do their translators have university degrees and/or several years of experience in the source and target language.

3. Reputation – Do a thorough research before signing a contract with a translation agency. Does it offer comprehensive range of business services? How many language combinations the company can handle? How many professional linguists they work with? How long they have they been in the industry? It is always better to choose a firm that has several years of successful experience in offering professional translation services. Start up firms may offer a lower price but may not be reliable when it comes to quality, and accuracy.

4. Does the translation agency offer testimonials? It is always helpful to know what past clients have to say about a particular translation agency. Do satisfied clients keep coming back? You can also contact these clients to ask more in-depth questions about the translation work done for them.

5. How do they ensure confidentiality? - How is your information handled while in the company's hands? If the company is sharing your material with a freelancer, how do they ensure confidentiality on the part of the freelancer?

The above considerations will help you uncover the positive and negative aspects while exploring translation companies to translate your material.

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