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How to Find the Right Tour Guide System Rental

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Are you struggling to hear the proper communication while working in a noisy place? If you are nodding yes then you’re not alone.

Proper communication is the key to the success of any business whether you are working on a small group or a big construction sites. You know you can’t work right if you didn’t understand other is saying. Chances are high of accidents on construction sites when message didn’t deliver to the right person at right format.

The simple is the solution…

Wireless tour guide system rental is what you are looking for.

What is tour guide system?

Tour guide systems allow you to communicate with a person when a background is noisy such as factory tour or construction sites.

Tour guide system contains a wireless transmitter with a tour guide microphone speaker that conveys the voice of the tour leader or the interpreter to the receivers with headsets or earbuds.  Each person of the group has the audio tour guide receivers so they can hear the speaker at a person.

This saves the time of interpreter as well as everyone in the group simultaneously hears what the group leader wants them to hear. Furthermore, wireless audio tour guide system also comes handy in meetings with noisy backgrounds.

When you are using 2-way tour guide system you can add an interpreter who speaks other languages and allows two-way tour guide communication between groups and tour guides.

Why tour guide system rental is a great idea?

Having your own tour guide system is good but that need lots of work like management and maintenance. Most companies like to do rent tour guide systems and portable transmitters.

You might be wondering if you should rent or buy tour guide system.

Well, in the next few minutes you are going to learn the benefits of renting a tour guide system for your next event.

#1. Cut the cost of buying a tour guide system – Purchasing the tour guide systems is a good idea when you have planned for multiple plans in coming days. But it doesn’t mean that you won’t have to pay for a tour guide system. In fact, there is a hidden cost such as storage and maintenance cost.

The major one that hurt tour guide buyer is keeping the system up to date. Moreover, there is always a new and updated version of wireless tour guide system will be available in the market and as a smart business owner you won’t limit yourself to the old one, would you?

Tour guide system rental is the perfect solution to this problem and guarantees to have an updated version of the tour guide speaker system everything you want.

#2. Customize your tour guide system – Buying a tour guide system is not a wise idea when you continuously organizing big events where audience number is not defined. And, somehow if you made a wrong estimation then chances are you can spend too much.

This is where tour guide wireless sound systems come to help. Renting a tour guide system allows you to get the system that completely fits the size of your audience and the numbers of group leaders and interpreters.

#3. Flexibility – Running continuous events with your purchased audio tour guide nice but what would do when you have to run two tours or event together at the same time on a different location? Even if you have enough tour guide communication systems, how would you know if they are compatible?

Renting can help you out in this situation even when you are organizing two different tours at the same location. Wireless tour guide system rental company Translation India is expert in providing the right tour guide systems and portable transmitters for such events at affordable prices.

If you want to hire a wireless tour guide system rental, make sure you choose the professional rental company who has experience of handling such events. Call us @ 9811200494 to know about wireless tour guide system price.

Tour Guide System

Best Wireless Tour Guide System Rental for Group Tours

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Translation India Tour Guide System helps tour groups beat exasperating foundation noise and separation from the guide even in boisterous environment.  The system comprises of a transmitter, various pocket measure recipients with battery-powered batteries and one or a few charging stations.

It is simple set up and utilizes and works over a separation of 100 meters. At the point when completely charged the system can be utilized 8-10 hours. The system is appropriate to use for in-and outdoors guided tours, however can likewise be utilized in gatherings where at least one mediator decipher the discourse. It obliges any number of clients with extra collectors and if there are portable amplifier clients in the gathering a neck circle is effortlessly included.

The system is anything but difficult to utilize and requires no establishment. It very well may be utilized together with Translation India with worked in recipients.

A Translation India’s Tour Guide System is a cautious option in contrast to a loudspeaker system guaranteeing just your gathering can hear you. Never again does your gathering need to group around you to hear what you are stating. With a tour guide wireless sound systems they can remain back and see what is happening while hearing you plainly.

Translation India Wireless Audio Tour Guide Systems help tour groups to defeat foundation noise and separation away from the guide. Translation India tour guide speaker system is anything but difficult to set up and utilize, works up to 120 meters, and suits a boundless number of recipients.

Its one-way radio communication system empowers the guide to talk at an agreeable level to the gathering while guaranteeing they are unmistakably heard. Up to 12 tour groups can work all the while inside a similar situation (contingent upon neighborhood conditions).

The tour guide wireless tour guide systems utilize a transmitter. They can either talk into a microphone or associate another audio gadget e.g. Smartphone, mp3 player, to speak with the gathering. The audio message is then transmitted on a particular channel (recurrence) as radio waves to the collectors.

The audience utilizes a recipient to change over this radio flag back to audio. Every individual is provided with a beneficiary set to a similar channel (recurrence) as the moderator. The client just interfaces an earphone to hear the message and modifies their volume to an agreeable level.

Both the transmitter and recipients are provided with a cord and apparel clasp to empower sans hands utilize. Every unit works on a solitary AA battery. Either Alkaline or Ni-Mh battery-powered batteries can be utilized. A charger/transport case gives assurance and secures stockpiling to the units between tours.

An extensive variety of adornments are accessible for the system to suit every application. Regardless of whether the tour is occurring in an exhibition hall or a downtown area, Tour Guide Sound System can be utilized to give an expert affair to your visitors.

Translation India tour guide system has been intended to be extremely easy to understand and can be setup inside minutes. As the system is totally wireless, it tends to be worked inside or outdoors and requires no establishment. Call us now to know our tour guide system price.

Tour Guide System

Why Renting A Tour Guide System is Smart Decision

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Why You Should Rent Wireless Tour Guide System

If you have ever held guided tours within a small or large scale premises you might be very well aware how clear communication with all the members you are trying to address turns out to be a big hassle especially talking about the huge interference caused by the ambient noise which is a complicated cocktail of traffic noise in the background, industrial equipment such as drills or vacuum cleaners etc.

Translation India brings to the table a whole range of wireless tour  guide system audio assistance equipment including everything from one way tour guide systems from William Sound Inc, USA to complicated 2-way tour guide system to facilitate an elaborate reverse communication from members end to the guide.

A hassle-free HDE stethoset Receiver from Sennheiser tour guide system makes the messy cable management a thing of the past plus simpler pre-recorded MP3 tour guide systems which frees the audience from the time-bound tour and leaves it up to the tourist to take his/her time for each site and keep replaying the explainer audio to get a better understanding of a particular site which is more or less like carrying an audio guide in your pocket.

As astonishing as it may sound but tourism contributes a whoping 9.2% of the total GDP to the Indian economy which equates to a $220 billion business yearly.

Why this shouldn’t be a surprise is because one has to consider the vast heritage of India and how various cultures have enriched india over thousands of years to add to its list of heritage sites.

Translation India wants to emerge as a leading provider of state of the art tech to assist the tour guide industry that revolves around these heritage sites and further promote tourism industry in India.

Because we care to support the blooming Tourism sector India is fostering, Translation India came up with cost effective renting solutions where our equipment could be rented and used to enjoy precise and clear guided tours.

The application is not just limited to Heritage sites but is equally viable for Big factory visits to a group of delegates, school applications for various sorts of visits, Bus tours and big conferences as well.

As opposed to purchasing these units and bearing the hassle of storage, charging and carrying the units to and from the site, we believe renting the tour guide systems by Translation India is an absolute smart decision.

Why renting the units prove to be an absolutely viable decision is in the scenario where large scale multilingual international conferences are held and an event company, for these particular commissioned conferences, might need the transmitter and receiver system set up to facilitate flawless Simultaneous interpretation for the delegates coming in from various foreign nations.

Now what isn’t viable is to invest huge sum of money in these expensive equipments for a relatively scarce project.

Translation india realizes how our elaborate heritage needs be sworn to be promoted and that’s precisely why we earmark the tourism industry and are aimed at cultivating the untapped potential of small sector tour guide industry by facilitating a state of the art range of wireless tour guide systems, tour guide microphone and headsets on nominal rent and bypassing the pain of investing limited resources in the purchase of the units.

Tour Guide System

7 Reasons Why You Need Wireless Tour Guide Systems In Your Work Place

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Have you ever encountered trouble interacting with your office colleagues in a noisy factory, construction site & plant site? Does the loud machinery sounds interfere with the communication between you and other employees? Are you looking for a permanent solution to resolve your work communication worries in a noisy factory or construction site? The answer is right in front of you. Translation India’s high quality wireless tour guide system that comes complete with microphones and headsets.

What is a tour guide system?

The wireless tour guide system & portable transmitters help you to communicate with your work colleagues in a noisy plant, construction site, factories and big work space with ease. With the aid of Bluetooth mics, headsets and portable transmitters, you can easily pass on important messages, hold discussions and issue orders to your employees without any sound interference from outside.

The tour guide communication system by Translation India comes with an active noise cancellation system that allows crystal clear sound with zero interruptions. There are 4 options to choose from the tour guide system as per your needs.

  1. Way Tour Guide System
  2. Sennheiser Tour Guide System
  3. 2-Way Tour Guide System
  4. MP3 Audio Guides

When you hire Translation India’s tour guide microphone and speaker system, you get the guarantee of reliable service and quality equipment. Besides this, there are other benefits too of renting wireless tour guide system from Translation India. Take a look:

  1. Advanced audio technology that delivers excellent sound quality, even in loud plants or manufacturing facilities.
  2. Simple, single-unit design that eliminates messy cables and wires.
  3. Hands-free transmitter and lightweight tour headsets that make tours effortless for you and your audience.
  4. 40 channels for multiple tour groups and interpretation functionality.
  5. Durable carrying case that quickly charges the long-lasting batteries providing mobility.
  6. Solid 18-Months Warranty assuring you confidence, security, and trust.
  7. Reliable system to cover any of your plant tour, employee training or guided tour headset and tour equipment needs.


Who can use tour guide system & portable transmitters?

It can be used for

  • Factory visits
  • Classroom
  • Bus tours
  • Tour groups
  • Monument visits
  • Conferences
  • Interpretations
  • Audio guide tours

Translation India is a 17 year old company that provides premium quality language translation & interpretation equipment on rent. The company has been providing its interpretation services for quite an impressive clienteleincluding interpretation of Prime Minister’s Independence Day speech for international delegates since past 3 years. Besides, tour guide communication system, it also offers silent disco headphones, silent conference system, simultaneous interpretation system, language translation services in requested language, audio guide tours, voting pad systems, RIFD barcode scanners and interpretation mobile booths.