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Translation India Takes Part in Nation Building

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Translation India offers its simultaneous Interpretation Equipment to the “Destination Uttarakhand Business Summit 2018

Raipur, Dehradun: With its ideology in contributing a hand to nation building, Translation India offered its sophisticated Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment to the “Uttarakhand Investors Summit 2018” held on 7th October 2018 and 8th October 2018 respectively at Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium, Raipur Dehradun.

Language interpretation from English to Hindi and English to Japanese was done from Translation India’s part.

This glorious event was inaugurated by Honorable Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi on the 7th of October. Special Dignitaries like Mr. Rajnath Singh (MoS, Home Ministry) was present on 8th October 2018. The event was aimed to aid the establishment of businesses and foster their growth with good governance, policy support and Ease of Doing Business.

“Investment proposals worth over Rs. 70,000 crores have been signed and a large portion of the Memorandum of Understandings have been marked with an aim to achieve development to the state’s bumpy territories,” Mr. Rawat, CM Uttarakhand said at the two-day Uttarakhand Investors Summit 2018.

“Translation India has always been a contributor in the development of the nation and we will always keep doing it” Mr. Kesarwani exclaimed.

Translation India has delivered its innovative interpretation equipment across the length and breadth of the country and is the most trusted organization in terms of its simultaneous interpretation equipment.

simultaneous interpretation equipment

Benefits of Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment Rental

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For multilingual conferences where participants from different countries participate, it becomes important that they understand every single word they hear. In that case, wireless interpretation system comes handy because it simultaneously interprets the spoken language in multiple other languages.

Simultaneous interpretation system is a unique interpretation device that transmits the audio signal from an interpreter to each listener.  Each delegate selects their desired language in the simultaneous interpretation equipment and device transmits that original language into that selected language.

Here are benefits of using wireless simultaneous systems:

#1. Clear message – There is no need to whisper to the audience’s ear when you are using wireless translation equipment. It will make you free to notice who is talking. To understand the message better we need to see who is speaking and observe the speaker’s body language. It will help you engage with your audiences that will build a strong relationship with them.

#2. Comfortable hearing – Whispering into the ear of a participant who has the problem with hearing isn’t helpful. While with the help of simultaneous interpretation equipment user can easily adjust the volume as per their requirement. One need not require sitting in the same conference hall for listening to the speech he can quickly move around and still can hear what the speaker is saying

#3. Smooth transition from one mode to another – The wireless communication system ensures a message delivers continuously without missing a single word. It is important that participants hear each word that interpreter speaking to them.

When organizing a multilingual event or conference where simultaneous interpretation systems require making sure you ask your translating and interpreting service provider questions regarding their reputation and what company’s simultaneous interpretation system they are providing to you. Find out if they have done covered some significant events in past.

Asking these types of questions will help you make a wise decision and reduce the risk of failure. However, it is recommended you when organizing a big conference don’t take chance to hire a new wireless interpretation system provider instead go with the professional translating and interpreting service company like Translation India.

Translation India is a leading Bosch simultaneous interpretation system providing company in India serving a variety of clients from past 20 years. They cover almost all PMO’s major event and conferences.

Call @ 9811200494 to know about simultaneous translation equipment rental price.

simultaneous interpretation equipment

Translation India Laid a Milestone in the International Solar Alliance 2018

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New Delhi, India: Translation India left a mark under its name by deploying its advanced Interpretation Equipments for the 1st Assembly of International Solar Alliance (ISA) held on 2nd and 3rd of October held in Delhi NCR. The event was inaugurated by Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi at the Vigyan Bhawan on 2nd October 2018.

Delegates from 47 countries assembled at the Indian Expo Centre, Greater Noida on the 3rd October 2018. The event was addressed by Mr. Raj Kumar Singh (MoS, Independent Charge, Ministry of Power).

Translation India backed up the event with its team of Expert simultaneous Interpreters along with its quality Interpretation Equipment. Simultaneous Interpretation of major languages like French, Spanish, Arabic and Hindi was provided by the organization.The 3-day Assembly will incorporate an Inaugural Session, trailed by the Assembly Session and Technical Sessions.

Translation India has converted numerous national and international events into grand successes. “We are happy to be a part of the 1st assembly of ISA “Ram Kesarwani, CEO of Translation India, happily exclaimed. With more than 5000 clients under its cap, Translation India is the most trusted company for delivering advanced Simultaneous interpretation Equipments in India as well as abroad.

simultaneous interpretation equipment

Why Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment Rental is Right for You?

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There is no benefit of organizing a conference or event if the audience don’t engage and understand the topics you’re covering in it. The major reason most events and conferences fail is participants couldn’t hear what presenter says to them.

The solution of this problem is pretty simple…

Hire simultaneous interpretation equipment rental.

To make multilingual conferences successful it is important that participants understand every single word of speakers – conference interpretation systems can help in that.

Translation India offers advanced language translation equipment that meets the highest standards. We offer 1000 receivers with 32 languages facility of IR based technology that makes it easy for participants to find their native languages when they are attending the multilingual conferences or events.

It doesn’t matter what are the audiences size simultaneous translation equipment rental is the perfect solution to deal with it. As a best translating and interpreting service providing company in India we believe in clients’ satisfaction. We understand it better that client satisfaction can be achieved only when they get what they deserve and we work hard to achieve that goal.

We provide high quality Bosch simultaneous interpretation equipment, portable booth, language interpretation equipment, etc.

Why should you hire simultaneous interpretation equipment rental?

Buying simultaneous interpretation system is good but that has some downsides such as management and maintenance cost. On the other hand, when you hire simultaneous interpretation equipment rental, you don’t need to worry about management and maintenance of the translation equipments – translation services providing company would do that for you.

Apart from translation equipment one more reason you should hire translating and interpreting service – translation equipments providing companies have talented and professional technical support team who make sure you don’t need to face any issue in middle of the event.

To deliver the best quality of translating and interpreting services to the clients Translation India has built its own inventory of BOSCH Simultaneous interpretation equipments and systems. The reason we provide Bosch IR simultaneous interpretation equipments and systems are Bosch has reputation in the market.

We have over 20 years of experience of delivering quality translation equipments for various private as well as government events.

We offer following simultaneous interpretation equipments services:

[su_list icon=”icon: hand-o-right” icon_color=”#ed3d24″]

  • Interpretation equipments for conferences seminars on rent with technical support
  • Digital Simultaneous Interpretation System
  • IR Simultaneous Interpretation System
  • Simultaneous Interpretation System
  • Interpretation Booth
  • Equipments for Interpretation
  • Digital Voting Pads for Audience[/su_list]

Translation India helps you find the best simultaneous interpretation equipments for your meeting, events, and conferences. Furthermore, we provide complete technical supports in installation of the systems as well as maintenance and management.

Call us @ 9811200494 to know more about simultaneous translation equipment prices.

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Best Conference Translation Service for Events and Meetings

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For multilingual conferences, where members’ understanding is basic to the achievement of the event, conference interpretation systems empower interpreters to render simultaneously the speaker’s discourse into another dialect and disseminate the translated discourse to event members who will choose and tune in to their dialect of decision. Conference interpreters working with our interpretation systems will guarantee that dialect is no boundary to understanding.

Translation India’s interpreting technology solutions offer fantastic Conference Translation Services that meets the most astounding industry standards. Adaptability is at its core with up to 32 dialect channels accessible and the capacity to add thousands of units to cook for huge events and audiences. The outcome – consistent and effective multilingual communication at your event paying little mind to size or location.

Translation India causes you to plan the best framework for your gathering, select interpreters with the correct understanding and gives you the onsite staff required for collecting, working and destroying equipment. We take the troublesome errand of interpretation off your shoulders and give an entire turn-key solution.

Depending on your venue, your interpreters may require specific equipment. Substantial conferences and gatherings may call for computerized Interpretation Equipment Rental, wireless headsets, microphones, and related devices. Littler gatherings and mobile tours can use portable, cost-effective equipment.

Translation India can supply you with interpretation equipment rental and related technical support. We offer interpreter booths for extensive conferences and portable “whisper” devices for littler or off-site functions. Our specialists will work with you to recognize what you require as far as gadget, configuration, and technical support for your event.

To have fruitful multicultural, multilingual communications for your conferences and conventions, it is important that you have talented, experienced, qualified interpreters, as well as the proper combination of sound equipment and in the vicinity technical support. Our experienced technicians will regulate the setup and stay on hand amid your event to guarantee a brilliant interpretation service.

Regardless of whether your business works in one location, or you are constantly on-the-go, we offer the best simultaneous translation equipment. We convey both portable and desktop multi-channel systems, which dependably give clear, solid sound in light of the most recent acoustic technology.

Because of our more than 20 years encounter working with the most legitimate brands in interpretation technology, our exceptionally prepared professionals can help you rapidly select the best translation equipment like RFID and Barcode Scanners for your necessities at the most affordable costs.

simultaneous interpretation equipment

How to Get A Fabulous Conference Translation Services on A Tight Budget

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Searching for the right kind of conference translation services is of utmost importance while organizing an event on a big sale, especially when it involves international or regional delegates and you are on a tight budget.

It is thus, also important to have access to efficient interpreters who provide the translation with 100% accuracy. One has to make sure that everything goes according to the plan.

If there is even a single glitch in the translation or interpretation in another language, then the whole purpose of the conference can be lost!

But where would one find such a good quality conference interpreting equipment at budgeted rates?

Best Conference Interpreting Equipment

It becomes quite necessary to choose your conference interpreting system carefully. There are a lot of choices in the market available these days. Comparing the pros and cons of different interpreting systems for conferences can take up a lot of your time.

So that is why we are bringing you the best translation device for conferences in the Market today- Translation India’s excellent, superior quality silent conference system. It not only enables you to hold multiple conferences at the same time but also allows you to hold them in the same room!

In addition, the silent conference system also doubles up as the simultaneous interpretation equipment as well. So you actually got two services at the price of one. With its high-quality wireless audio conference system, Translation India has guaranteed crystal, clear sound quality with zero delays to its clients.

Benefits of hiring Translation India’s wireless silent audio conference system

[su_list icon=”icon: hand-o-right” icon_color=”#db3018″]

  • Save your time and money otherwise spent in organizing multiple conferences, speaker schedules
  • Save your energy from all the logistics and usual conference paraphernalia
  • Delegates get a choice of joining in a conference of their choice
  • Silent conference system offers up to 32 channel selection with superior sound quality
  • You’ll no longer have to search and organize conferences at multiple locations. One big space is enough to set up various speakers along with their mics and silent headphones for delegates to choose from
  • Our high-quality conference interpreting equipment provides simultaneous interpretation in any requested language with zero errors[/su_list]

The best part about Translation India and its premium services is that they offer such affordable rental prices that it doesn’t leave even a small dent in your pockets. You get world-class technology at the cost of peanuts, which according to us is a very great deal!

Silent conference system comes equipped with

[su_list icon=”icon: play” icon_color=”#db3018″]

  • High-quality wireless conference headphones with up to 32-40 channel selection
  • Transmitters with a high range of 300 meters
  • Superior quality microphones[/su_list]

Just book our services by giving us a call or through our website and we will deliver your requisite silent conference system within no time and set up the whole system at your designated venue.

It is so easy to book our silent conference system. So not give it a second thought. Follow this link – and rent our high-quality silent conference wireless audio system equipment now!

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How to Rent A Simultaneous Translation Equipment Without Hassle

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Simultaneous translation equipment has become the need of the hour, especially if you are in a global business and have to deal with different nationalities and cultures from across the world. It is not possible to understand and speak the language of each and every country.

But with the aid of a good and reliable simultaneous interpretation system, one can easily achieve a smooth flow of communication.

Organizing a corporate event is any day a nightmare! All the costs, logistics and the usual paraphernalia that goes into the organization of a grand event. Additionally, if it is a multicultural event then the organizational costs go even higher.

To save yourself all the additional time and cost, we recommend wireless interpretation system that interprets data in any requested language simultaneously.

Simultaneous Translation and Interpretation Equipment

This is one of the highly advanced interpretation systems available in the market and lets you transmit data via infra-red. A speaker speaks into the microphone through which data is transmitted to an interpreter who wearing silent headphones, then interprets the spoken data into another microphone which then gets transmitted to the delegate who is again wearing special silent headphones for the job.

Simultaneous Translation Booth

With new technology comes new innovation. These days, you can also hire along with simultaneous translation services, a mobile, soundproof simultaneous interpretation booth. It can accommodate up to 3 interpreters and allows zero space for sound interference from outside.

However, before hiring first you need to ask these simple questions to yourself:

[su_list icon=”icon: caret-right” icon_color=”#db3018″]

  • What is the audience size?
  • How many languages do you need to be interpreted simultaneously?
  • Where would you set up the interpreter in the room?
  • Will there be a clear line of sight between the transmitter as well as the receiver?[/su_list]

These questions help you decide what kind of simultaneous interpretation equipment rental you require.
The whole process is done in real time, thus, it makes it even more challenging for you to hire a good simultaneous translation equipment. A name that crops up in this regard is Translation India.

It is one of the top most companies in the country that offer premium simultaneous interpretation wireless equipment on rent at affordable prices pan India.

Renting equipment from them is just a piece of cake. There are no hassles, no long waiting lists or no over pricing, only high-quality service with world-class technology.

With Translation India, you just need to:

[su_list icon=”icon: caret-right” icon_color=”#db3018″]

  • Call us or click on the link to send in your simultaneous wireless interpretation system requirement.
  • Our managers will get in touch with you and recommend and find the best Bosch simultaneous translation system suitable to your needs.
  • On your scheduled date, our team will be there to help in setup and manage all this to make sure it runs smoothly.
  • When your event is over, our company guy comes up and pack up the simultaneous translation equipment without causing any hassles for you.[/su_list]

For our rental prices and payment policies, please click on this link.

For your next corporate multicultural event, don’t think and rent Translation India’s high-quality Bosch simultaneous interpretation equipment rentals.

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Smart Checklist for Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

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Have you ever faced problems in understanding live multilingual speeches or conferences?  Imagine how people interpret in different ways to make it easier to understand.

The introduction of simultaneous interpretation equipment has lessened the gap between people of different origins to come together as a single community as mediating with the same medium of interpretation.

But first…

What is Simultaneous Interpretation?

Continuous interpretation of complex languages in a simultaneous Interpretation booth when any such conferences are going on at real time.

What are the Equipment setups for Simultaneous Interpretation?

#1. Simultaneous Interpreter Console: It is an electronic box with audio connectors for both the Interpreter headset and the microphone. The Console helps switching to different languages, Volume Adjustment and microphone controls.

#2. Interpreter Headsets: Interpreters uses specially designed headsets used for best voice production and continuous interpretation.

#3. Interpreter Microphones: 3 types of Microphones are available in the market today :

[su_list icon=”icon: caret-right” icon_color=”#db3018″]

  • Microphone integrated into a console: The microphone connector is attaches to the top surface of the interpreter console.
  • Microphone integrated into a headset: The microphone connector has connections in the headset itself making it the most convenient way to communicate. The distance between the mouth and the microphone remains the same in any direction whichever movement you take.
  • Standalone Microphone in table-tops: Usually the least convenient way. The components used are separately connected to the console through a cable.[/su_list]

#4. Voice Receivers: The Interpreters output is fed into a cordless transmitter and into the voice receivers as the audio output.

Who is the bestseller of Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment?

While there are many retailers available in the market today, as per market research, Translation India, proves to remain at the top of this industry. Its products highlights a good user experience in terms of Sound Quality, Flexibility and user friendliness.

Translation India provides with a high grade professional audio equipment and Simultaneous Interpretation System to maintain its rank on the top.

To understand we have created a beautiful infographics check them out below:


Interpretation at multilingual Confrences

simultaneous interpretation equipment

7 Smart Ways Simultaneous Translation Equipment Make Conference Organizers’ Life Easy

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How Simultaneous Translation Equipment Helps Event Organizers

Do you realize what’s the single most unprecedented advancement our ancestors as ape made to see us through to where we are right now as a human civilization?

As surprising as it may sound, it was the development of language which equipped us to transmit our emotions, thoughts which made its way to equip us to deliver strategies an evolve as a civilization.

As various eras progressed we saw globalization coming to shape as we know it right now and again the biggest factor to account for that would be the capacity to understand each other as different civilizations and as a result to expand our avenues in all fronts especially business and academics.

Taking this torch forward the biggest groundbreaking advancement lately was Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment with real-time translation capability to facilitate an entire fleet of delegates from different corners of the world to sit with each other and enjoy communicating with each other without involving a human interpreter like we used to do in the past which was all but a little lousy way to reach each other waiting for the human translator to bridge the conversation.

Translation India leaves no stone unturned in order to make it’s offering a one-stop solution when it comes to catering to elaborate multi-faceted global events.

Here are 7 Ways How Simultaneous Translation Equipment Make Conference Organizers’ Life Easy:

#1. Say Bye-Bye to Consecutive Interpretation: 

Gone are old days where the speaker would say something and would stop for a couple of moments for the interpreter to translate those sentences  With new BOSCH powered state of the art simultaneous interpretation equipment we would never have to worry about the disruption of the natural flow of communication.

#2. Cleaner More Organized Event Floor:

With Translation India’s Bosch enabled interpretation tech, the transmission of floor language, the interpreter’s booths for the actual interpreters and retransmission of the translation feed to the handheld lightweight receivers became a more organized and orderly affair.

#3. Installing a separate sound booth have never been this easy:

An easy to assemble completely soundproof simultaneous interpretation booth which can accommodate up to three interpreters with adequate ventilation and power supply channels to facilitate a zero interference translation commencing campaigns for the interpreters.

#4. No Radio interference say hey to infrared:

Infrared transmission, as opposed to radio waves, rely on light pulse communication which is not visible to the human eye. Use of infrared makes sure you would never have to worry about radio wave interference with other critical devices present on the venue.

#5. Bigger better reach for a wider audience:

With Translation India’s RF Digital Simultaneous Interpretation Equipments you can cater to a wider audience with better sound quality reaching their headphones.

#6. Why worry about huge investment when you can rent the equipment:

With our easy to opt rental programs, you can rest assured all your needs are covered and you just need to book dates with us and are extremely talented and versed workforce will come to assess your venue and set up everything for you.

#7. Voting Add-Ons which will leave lasting mark on your delegates:

The BOSCH enabled technology offered by Translation India takes a paramount step to further add to the usability by integrating a component to conduct voting sessions within these delegate conferences which is a feature that comes loaded within the Bosch Central Control Unit.

What was your experience with Translation India’s simultaneous interpretation equipment? Did you try it yet?

simultaneous interpretation equipment

Obvious Reasons Why You Should Hire Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment For Your Next Big Corporate Affair!

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Have you ever wondered if there was only a way wherein you could get 100% accurate translation without any mistakes in multiple languages, but at the same time without any discrepancies or losing the meaning of the words? Well, your prayers have just been answered. In fact, they have been answered for a long time now, it is just that you might have woken up a little late to the changing technological scene of India.

Translation India, a renowned name in the field of language translation and interpretation equipment rentals, brings simultaneous interpretation services at affordable rent. The company has pan India presence and offers high quality equipment with world class service.

So what is so special about Translation India’s simultaneous interpretation equipment rental and hat sets it apart from the rest of its counterparts.

Well for starters, the company provides highly advanced technology Bosch interpretation equipment on rent that renders a superior listening experience.  Not only this, but our simultaneous interpretation services offer a variety of equipment option with individual specifications that can be chosen as per your needs.

Take a look:

Bosch IR Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

Its features:

  • Advanced digital technology for a superior listening experience
  • Secure infra-red distribution
  • No interference from lighting
  • User-friendly selection of up to 40 channels
  • Attractive, ergonomic receiver design
  • Seamless integration with Bosch’s DCN Conference systems

RF Digital Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

Its features:

  • RF stereo transmitters are used for Simultaneous Interpretation
  • Advanced modulation system and built-inPLL frequency
  • Well-shielded, compact structure & small size
  • 40 channels pre fixed for interpretation functionality
  • Good timbre, wide dynamic state & steady carrier frequency
  • RF output power may be adjustable continuously between 0.5-15W

Not only this, but Translation India also offers mobile, sound-proof simultaneous interpretation booths that can be set up anywhere and can easily accommodate up to 2-3 translators for interrupted translating services with zero interference from outside.

Mobile Simultaneous Interpretation Booth Systems

Its features:

[su_list icon=”icon: hand-o-right”]

  • Designed to ISO-4043 a worldwide standard for translation booths
  • Size: 6’ width x 4’depth x 6.5’ height
  • Light weight & Easy to assemble
  • Double Plexiglass window
  • 15-panel sound-proof, full-sized translation booths
  • Comes with silent whisper 110 volts fan assembly unit[/su_list]

Translation India’s simultaneous interpretation equipment rentals makes your lives easier. See how?

[su_list icon=”icon: hand-o-right”]

  • It is highly cost effective as you don’t need to spend extravagant amount on hiring multiple translators. Simultaneous interpretation system takes care of all that.
  • You will get 100% accurate translation in any requested language of your choice.
  • It is highly time saving
  • You get access to world class technology with state of the art equipment on affordable rent.
  • One can join in multiple conferences at the same time with simultaneous interpretation which also doubles up as silent conference system.[/su_list]

If you are planning a big, multilingual corporate affair, our advice would be to you is hire Translation India’s effective simultaneous interpretation services and you will be sorted.