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7 Advantages of Silent Disco Headphones and How You Can Make Full Use of It

September 5, 2018 BY admin Comments: 0

Silent disco is the new mantra of India’s party scene! It is the ultimate fad to hit the Indian arty market which has sparked interest amongst even the un-interested ones.

In fact, silent disco headphones can be seen as the best amalgamation of technology with entertainment. You get access to nonstop music irrespective of breaking any rules or causing any noise pollution and what more you can even select and listen to the song of your choice  ( if you are using 3 channel silent disco headphone).

Wireless Headphones for Silent Disco And More!

Many people still credit it as something foreign and what “young kids would like to do.” However, if one takes a look, then silent disco wireless headphones have become more Indian than one could think of.

Since its introduction through the movie, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and its now famous Breakup Song, silent party headphones on rent have become a must-have item for any party lover.

As a matter of fact, variations of the silent party including silent dandiya nights, silent Garba nights, silent movie marathons and even silent wedding sangeet nights are flitting through Indian markets. One can easily join in the fun irrespective of their age.

7 Advantages of Silent Disco Headphones Hard to Ignore

Here we are enlisting 7 obvious advantages of silent disco headphones and how one can fully use them!

#1. Up to 3 music channel silent disco headphones

Silent disco headphones come in basic, 2 music and 3 music channel selection models. One can easily switch from one song to another. Now you don’t need to worry about noise do your silent party all night with silent party disco headphones.

#2. No longer queuing outside DJ to request your favorite song

The DJ can now accommodate up to 5 people at the same time. One can easily choose the station of their choice and dance away to their favorite music. DJ go home now you can party without him as per your condition.

#3. All night long party

Hire a silent disco equipment and you will not be breaking the government’s rule of no loud music after 10 pm. With the active noise cancellation system, the wireless silent party headphones don’t let any sound spill out or cause disturbance to anyone.

#4. Become a trendsetter

Be the first one to rent or buy silent disco headphones in your group and enjoy being a trendsetter. Soon, everyone would be following in your footsteps or should we say headphones! You’re just one step away from becoming a silent disco star.

#5. No need to search for party space

Because every place is a party place with silent wireless disco headphones and transmitters. All you need to do is set up the system with a DJ and bam! Your silent party can happen even in your living space!

#6. Multipurpose silent disco headphones

You don’t have to use them just for dancing you know, you can also use them for your silent conferences or simultaneous interpretation system as well!

#7. An answer to noise pollution

With zero disturbance or sound spillage, silent disco headphones are the ultimate answer to the increasing noise pollution. It is a very eco-friendly method of having a party!

All the above-mentioned qualities can be found in single company headphones i.e. Translation India, one of the leading providers of interpretation and translation equipment and their hi-tech silent disco headphones.

These wireless headphones for silent disco are available at affordable rates for rent and buy from Translation India and say yes to new age style of partying in India!

silent disco

5 Uses Of Silent Disco Headphones That Will Make You The Official Party King!

August 1, 2018 BY admin Comments: 0

Silent Disco Headphones Brings Out Your Inner Disco Dancer Out

When Mithun Chakraborty moved to the legendary song. ‘I am a disco dancer’ back in the 80s, he wouldn’t even have imagined the trend of silent disco headphones!

In fact, even Shah Rukh Khan, Preity Zinta & Saif Ali Khan crooning to the tunes of famous Bollywood song, ‘It’s the time to disco’ back in 2003, wouldn’t have guessed that there will come a time when people will be dancing to the silent tunes and no music could be heard anywhere, except for the ears of the party goers wearing silent headphones.

But, the future is finally here and with it has brought the fad of silent disco headphones. And not just any silent headphones, these are 3 channel silent disco headphones that give you the choice to listen and dance to the music of your choice on 3 different channels.

Now, isn’t that amazing you no longer have to wait for the DJ to play your favorite song, you no longer have to think about flouting government regulation of ‘no loud music after 10 pm’ and you definitely don’t have to worry about disturbing any neighbors, residents, students or even old people.

The best silent disco headphones come with active noise cancellation system, superior technology as well as attractive design that looks super cool on you! what ore, you could easily rent these silent party headphones for your next party or event easily from vendors for a reasonable price.

Five Uses of Silent Disco Headphones That Makes You Fall In Love With It

Here we are enlisting, 5 uses of silent disco headphones that will make you the official party planner of your group! We are sure, even you wouldn’t have thought of these. Take a look.

#1. Silent Garba Night

Yes, you can add a videshi tadka to a popular desi festival easily by planning silent garba night with silent disco headphones. It will be great to see everyone coordinating their garba dance moves in Indian attire while wearing silent wireless disco headphones!

#2. Silent Dandiya Night

Navratri and dandiya go hand in hand. Wouldn’t it be then exciting to coordinate your dandiya moments to the silent tunes of silent dandiya music!

#3. Silent DJ Party

Groove to the music of your choice with 3 channel silent disco headphones that gives you the choice of listening and dancing to multiple songs in your headphones! Be the super cool DJ playing different songs on different channels.

#4. Silent Movie

Can’t decide where to go for movie this weekend? Why worry? Plan a newage silent movie night with your friends and family and enjoy watching your favorite movie with your silent disco headphones, munching popcorn! Use your Netflix and Amazon Prime subscription to good cause already!

#5. Silent Wedding

Just imagine, performing at your best friend’s sangeet wearing silent wireless disco headphones? It can be a one of its kind silent sangeet or mehendi night with all the guests grooving to the music wearing silent party headphones.

Besides this, silent disco headphones can also be used for holding multiple silent conferences in the same room using silent disco headphones. The best silent disco headphones are available for an affordable price at Translation India.

They are the leading providers of high-tech silent disco headphones as well as language translation & interpretation equipment on rent. Plan your own silent disco party and become the talk of the town!

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Silent Disco- Young India’s New Way Of Partying Without Troubling Anyone!

June 18, 2018 BY admin Comments: 0

Silent disco headphones are the latest trend to hit the India party scene. The government some time back, made a rule about not playing loud music after 10-11 pm in public places like pubs, discs. However, the pubs and discs can continue to play music if it is not loud. However, you just cannot move your feet unless you feel the loud, pulsating beats. So what could be done? Seeing so many disappointed faces, a new trend was bound to explode soon and it did in the form of silent disco headphones!

Imagine, a set of noise reduction headphones that let you dance to the tunes of your favorite music without disturbing even your dance partner on the floor! Isn’t that amazing! This is thanks to the highly advanced technology that has been making our lives easier since time immemorial. Now with the arrival of silent wireless disco headphones on the party horizon, nothing seems impossible. In fact, it has become a new fad to attend or host a silent DJ party night these days.

Some key features of silent disco party headphones

  • 433 Mhz/863 Mhz/915Mhz ISM band
  • Active noise reduction system
  • Audi transmission signal upto 300 meters
  • Crystal clear sound
  • Double PLL system
  • Automatic mute and shut off on standby
  • Choice of specific channels
  • Endless headphones can be connected to single transmitter at one go

A good silent disco headphone providing company will give high frequency headsets that not only let you enjoy good music without disturbing anyone but also lets you choose DJ music channel of your choice. The silent disco headphones comes with 2 machines-one is a headphone and the other is the small music broadcaster. You simply need to put on the wireless silent headphone and plug in to the channel of your choice and the DJ played music will soon transmit it to your headphones without any hassles. It is that simple!

Translation India is one of the most famous names in the field of translation and interpretation equipment rentals in India since 2001. The company has been responsible for providing hi- tech silent DJ headphone system at reasonable costs on rent for various events and parties. In fact, you can easily hire these headphones for organizing a silent conference as well.

Hiring from Translation India will give you benefits in the form of

  • Guarantee of high quality
  • Hiring from a trustworthy company that offers good service
  • Timely delivery of products with easy rental policies
  • Great discounts and offers on bulk orders

Silent Disco nights have been happening all over the country. In fact, people have even ‘indianised’ the western trend with organizing silent garba, silent dandiya and silent Bollywood movie nights as well. These clearly tells the hype and success of silent disco headphone system across the country. Our advice to you is-if you wish to rent silent DJ headphones, then hire from a reliable company like Transation India, one of the premium names in this field. The company also offers tour guide system, voting pad system, simultaenaous interpretation system as well as silent confrence system on rent too. Give them a call now and join the silent disco trend!