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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire Translation India’s Buzzers For Your Quiz Contest!

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Have you ever experienced the thrill, the anticipation and the adrenaline rush that one get when they get an answer right in a quiz show?

Can you imagine what the contestants go through on television in quiz shows when they press the buzzer before anyone else for the right answer?

That moment cannot be explained, but it should be experienced by organizing quiz show in your next corporate event or in a school or even for a private party!

And what makes all these quiz shows interesting are those dome shaped buzzers, that the contestant spend so much time with, who becomes their lifeline, their access to success.

Translation India provides dome shaped buzzers on rent that can be used for multipurpose quiz contests anywhere- be it a TV quiz show, a corporate quiz contest, a medical school round or even for a school event, Translation India’s high quality and state of the art dome buzzers with colorful lights and ABCD choice buttons, prove to be a great option!

Take a look at its hardware features:

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  • Lockout + ABCD+ light + sound
  • Make your own TV style quiz game show
  • Three status light:Green(start light), White(buzz light),Red(stop light)
  • 9 colors: pink, blue, green, silver, black, red, orange, purple, yellow
  • ABCD buttons for normal quiz
  • Big button for rush / oral quiz
  • ID programmable
  • can work with or without software
  • Power: two Size D batteries or rechargeable lithium battery[/su_list]

Translation India’s buzzer comes with 205 and 215 control unit which can be chosen as per your requirements. They both come with following features:

205 control unit

  • Stand alone, No need computer and software
  • 7 Buttons: 4 big buttons: start (OK), Stop, Continue (>), Answer; small buttons: Music On/Off (<), Power, Mode; answer
  • LCD screen displays the Max Id, the winner Id, and the winner
  • Support 50 buzzers at most

215 control unit

  • Works with computer and software
  • The unit includes receiver, controller and software
  • The software is integrated with Microsoft power point
  • The software can show the questions, calculate scores and show the ranking list

So, even after looking at these options, if you are still not convinced whether you should hire Translation India’s hi-tech buzzers, then here we are listing you reasons. Read on.

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  • A quiz contest breathes life into a corporate event and makes the whole event more engaging to the crowd. So, you need to work with only the best buzzers in the business.
  • Translation India works with only the best technology and premium equipment providers.
  • We offer round the clock customer support with quick recall time.
  • You need support of good, professional buzzers who don’t fail you at the last minute.
  • We have branches in all major cities and offer high quality products at affordable rents.[/su_list]

Translation India is a leading provider of translation and language interpretation equipment since 2001. The company has some major events to its name including interpretation of Prime Minister’s Independence Day speech for international delegates since past 3 years.

Translation India offers simultaneous interpretation system, silent conference system, silent disco headphones, audience response system, tour guide system, audio tour guides, and document translation in any requested language.

Silent Conference

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire Delegate Mics & Speaker Management System For Your Next Board Meeting

July 20, 2018 BY admin Comments: 0

While in a board meeting or a convention in a big hall, have you also faced the problem of poor acoustics or reverberating sound? Do you also find it hard to understand the words of the speaker in the meeting due to poor sound quality and are forced to just nod your head in agreement to everything they say?

Well, have you heard about delegate mics and speaker management system? Well, these cordless delegate mics with digital microphone management system give you crystal, clear sound and makes it easier for you to understand what is usually being said in a meeting!

When it comes right down to a big corporate event being held in an equally big hall, there are bound to be issues abut sound, unless you hire a good set of mics and sound system. And that is exactly where Translation India’s excellent quality delegate mics and speaker management system comes in. With its extremely user friendly interface and out body, Translation India’s hi-tech delegate mics allow you to manage your board meetings, conventions, hotel events or even state house meetings with an ease.

Here, we are enlisting 5 hard to miss reasons why you need to hire Translation India’s unique delegate mics and digital speaker management system. Take a look:

  1. These delegate mics are cordless and can be easily shared with a co delegate. Thus it saves you cost of hundreds of mics that need to be set up with wires. Now you can share a mic between 2-3 co delegates, thus saving you extra expenditure.
  2. The high quality microphone management software module can be controlled with single functional unit.One can control functional microphones using the name or desk number of the delegate.
  3. The special functional features provide unique privileges to delegates including ‘Chair’ for chairman microphones, ‘Key’ whereupon delegates themselves activate their microphones by pressing their microphone buttons &‘Operator’ where the microphones of more active delegates are activated by the operator and many more features!
  4. Excellent sound quality with no resonance, only crystal, clear sound.
  5. Translation India’s digital systems comply with highest IEC standards, thus making them perfectly safe and highly reliable to use.

Translation India is one of the premium names in the field of language interpretation and translation services in India. It offers variety of equipment like silent conference system, simultaneous interpretation, tour guide systems, silent disco headphones, voting pad systems, RFID scanners etc. on rent at affordable rates in all major parts of the country. Translation India’s equipment has been used for various major events in the country including PM’s Independence Day speech since past 3 years.

Choose Translation India’s high quality delegate mics and speaker management system on rent and make your next meeting a success! And if you are still not convinced about hiring them, give us a call here to know more about excellent products. Remember, when you are spending so much on an event it would be a shame if people don’t get to properly hear it. Invest in a good speaker management system and mics, invest in Translation India. Contact Now!

Silent Conference

Silent Conference System- Innovative Method Of Organizing Multiple Conferences At Same Time!

June 12, 2018 BY admin Comments: 0

Technology knows no bounds. Take the case of organizing a big, multiple conferenceevent. Earlier, you would be harrowed down with the task of looking for a big space, arranging several PA systems, scheduling various conferences, assigning them rooms, setting up places and all the paraphernalia. But with the advent of technology, an innovative method of organizing multiple conferences at the same time and at the dame place has come up called silent conferencesystem.

The silent conference system allows you to hold several conferences with multiple speakers and listeners in the same room! All you need to do is set up different speakers in various corners of the room and have multiple microphones. Each speaker is provided with his own set of microphones and each one of them is assigned to an individual channel.

It works on several counts- it reduces noise pollution. It helps you save time wasted in moving from one conference location to another and it is cost effective as you don’t need to spend on the usual conference paraphernalia.

Silent conference systems are the biggest solution to the problem of space today. These days, when it has become increasingly difficult to find huge spaces with reduced costs, silent conference system allows you the freedom to hold a big event with several speakers without any hassles.

Benefits of silent conference system

  • Meet the challenges of limited space
  • Becomes easier for delegates to choose a conference as per their area of interest
  • There is no need for a multiple set up in terms of AV halls, chairs etc.
  • There is huge savings on costs due to reduced logistics, manpower as well as equipment required to organize such a big event.
  • Most importantly, it is environment friendly as it significantly reduces noise pollution.
  • It saves you time and resources which is otherwise spent in setting up multiple conferences.
  • In case, simultaneous interpretation event is also being organized, the same equipment used for silent conference system can be used for it!

Silent conference systems are suitable for

  • Product launches
  • Breakout sessions
  • Branding
  • Expositions
  • Corporate team building
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Language & training sessions

Hiring from a credible source is quite vital for the success of an event ofthis stature. Translation India is a renowned name in the business of interpretation and translation equipment rental in India since 2001. The company is a big player in this field and has been organizing such silent conferences in the past including Amazon Web Services 2016 -2018 at NESCO, Mumbai and Oracle Open World 2017, New Delhi.

You should choose Translation India for renting their excellent silent conference system at affordable rates. Organize silent confrences and become part of this innovative drive!