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These radiators are used to distribute infrared signals throughout the conference venue, enabling delegates to listen to the proceedings by means of personal pocket receivers. Translation India provides simultaneous interpretation services and bosch simultaneous interpretation equipment for confrences and events.



  • • Universal mains power facility allows use worldwide
    • No fan - cooled by convection - resulting in quieter operation and less moving parts to wear out
    • LED indicators for radiator status checking
    • Communication between radiator and transmitter for easy checking by the operator
    • Automatically switches on when transmitter is switched on and vice versa
    • Automatic cable equalization ensures maximum transmission efficiency with different quality of cables
    • Automatic cable termination simplifies installation
    • Temperature protection circuitry automatically switches radiator from full- to half- power if the temperature becomes too high
    • Adjustable radiator angle ensures maximum coverage
    • IREDs protected by a cover plate, making the units easy to maintain and clean
    • Attractive and stylish design

1. Seamless integration with virtually any conference system
2. Automatic synchronization of language channels when used in combination with a DCN Conference System
3. Easy system configuration via display and one single rotary push button
4. Available in 4, 8, 16 or 32 channel versions
  1. Attractive and ergonomic design
2. Clear two-digit LCD display
3. Battery and reception status indicator
4. Integrated electronics for optimum charging performance
5. Available in 4, 8 or 32 channel versions
  1. Fan-less cooling offers silent operation
2. Expandable for maximum coverage
3. Available in two versions to suit venues of different sizes

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