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Translation India is one of the premiere service providers for Simultaneous Interpretation Services. It has always been known for offering best quality solutions with high level of innovativeness to handle all kinds of multilingual conferences and events, where Simultaneous Interpretation is a critical component for the success of the event.

We at Translation India ensure that our solutions are built around the best suitable products from world class manufacturers. Be it simply cables or connectors or high end products like Interpreters mikes, ISO certified Sound proof booths or state of the art Simultaneous Interpretation systems.

To deliver the best to our quality conscious clientele (across India and abroad), we have created our own inventory of BOSCH Simultaneous Interpretation equipments and systems. We have done extensive research to identify the best products for wireless language distribution systems and have zeroed in best in class solutions from BOSCH.

Bosch is in conference business since last 60 years and is considered as the market leader for conferencing and Simultaneous Interpretation solutions and products. Bosch systems have simple and elegant styling with the advance technology that proved to be the most reliable systems across the world for Simultaneous Interpretation.

Infrared technology is capable of running multiple conferences simultaneously in adjacent halls as the IR radiation does not go beyond the walls of the particular hall where the radiators are placed.

The Bosch Integrus systems are a combination of various components which include transmitter (that is the heart of the system), radiators, wireless receivers, headphones, flight case, cables and other accessories. All these have been designed keeping in mind the ease of use, familiarity and easy installation and handling.

The unique advantage of Bosch Integrus is that it seamlessly integrates with Bosch DCN discussion system and thus can serve as a complete conferencing and discussion system with Simultaneous Interpretation.

1. Seamless integration with virtually any conference system
2. Automatic synchronization of language channels when used in combination with a DCN Conference System
3. Easy system configuration via display and one single rotary push button
4. Available in 4, 8, 16 or 32 channel versions
  1. Attractive and ergonomic design
2. Clear two-digit LCD display
3. Battery and reception status indicator
4. Integrated electronics for optimum charging performance
5. Available in 4, 8 or 32 channel versions
  1. Fan-less cooling offers silent operation
2. Expandable for maximum coverage
3. Available in two versions to suit venues of different sizes

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Translation India started from humble two room rented apartment in 2001 offering document translation and basic interpretation services.

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