audience response system

Audience response system is a blend of hardware and software that let a presenter or instructor run presentations, focus on groups, classroom lectures, and other group meetings.

Voting pads basically a wireless hand-held keypad with 7-10 buttons that provided to each member participating in conferences or events. A receiver, or base station, connect to the presenter’s computer gather information from data entries that happen through wireless audience system.

The audience response system also connected with presenter’ computer and help him in presentations along with data collection and reporting functions.

Benefits of using an Audience Response Systems

There are plenty of benefits of using audience response systems for conferences, events and even classrooms where you need to collect data from a mass. Some of them are:

  • Fast and accurate data gathering
  • Get feedback and quick results
  • Easy purchase and rental available
  • Help in audience engagement
  • Increase audience attention towards presentation
  • A wide range of application available for conferences

Where Can You Use It?

Audience response system often used in meetings, conferences, classroom, etc. where the organizer wants to collect audiences feedback. Furthermore, attendees can give their feedback in the middle of a staff meeting, workshops, etc.

In short, an interactive voting system is the best way whenever you need people’s feedback or want to know their opinion for a particular event.

How Does Audience Response System Work?

The presenter describes presentation that projected on a large screen. The most audience response system supports PowerPoint and directly work with it, while others have their own presentation software that runs slides.

The audience ranges from 2 to 20,000 access presentation through the wireless keywords. Each presentation slides that run contains a question and multiple responses that the audience has to choose according to their knowledge.

Once all the audience are done with their voting or times run out, gathered data visible on the presentation board with graphics showing data.

However, a presenter can easily know about individuals voting or let it remain anonymous. Because an honest voting system typically is anonymous and doesn’t favor any particular topic.

On the other hand, in classroom or training camps, there be a professor or instructor who collects the responses to grade quizzes or take attendance through an interactive voting system.

Audience response systems basically used for large-scale meetings and conferences. Moreover, corporate trainers like to use portable audience response system to provide training to their employees who aren’t present in the office.

In short, all businesses whether it is a large-scale or small like to use wireless audience response system when they need to collect data from the audience.

Here is a beautiful infographic that would help you take a better decision why should you use audience response system?

what is audience response system

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