Silent Disco Headphones

Silent Headphones, as the name implies are trending headphones with noise cutting technologies which impacts the environment in overcoming Noise Pollution. The Party goers who are habitual to a Disco or a Dance club faces a threat to Health in terms of the huge amount of noise produced. The influence of western lifestyles has greatly affected the Indian population. People are spending their weekends to relax from a hectic schedule of work ethics with exposure to huge noisy disco environments.

The role of Silent Headphones have played a major part in protecting the environment. With exposure to large amount of decibels produced in a Disco, Ear problems starts developing among the unaware crowd. Music is always rejoicing, but there are various genres that has a harmful effect on its part. Various Metal playing Bands uses huge distortions to entertain people which directly affects the ear.

Also known as Silent Disco Headphones, These headphones are first used in discos for its operation. Disco environments are usually noisy in the air. Various researches were undertaken to provide a solution to the environmental hazard. The introduction of this innovative technology appeared in the 80’s. People started welcoming it. A wide popularity was gained among the disco goers and party animals in the west.

India with more than a billion in population is also in the wake of Noise pollution. Every year, a series of festivals are celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy. Across every street, you find a puja pandal in the festive season. The most glorious thing is about the music. Loudspeakers represents a symbol for these cultural celebrations. Competitions among pandals in terms of its popularity signifies the role of loud music in celebrations. If a celebration is loudest, the pandal is the most popular venue.

The concern of noise pollution is recognized lately among the people when they were subjected to ailments like deafening ears. With Environmentologists putting pressure on the government for this emerging problem, several laws bodies came together to play their part for the betterment of the environment. In States like Maharashtra, Loud music after 10 pm has been banned. People started taking initiatives against the environmental hazard.

Translation India, an organization with presence in all the metro cities recognized its potential in overcoming Noise pollution by renting out its unique headphones for festive celebrations throughout India. Various Dance festivals like garba, dandiya were successfully conducted using this technology. Recognized as the Best Silent Disco Headphones across India, The number of users are increasing with time every year. These headphones are utilized in numerous discos with user comfort. Upon its use, there is a decline in the decibel output across discos with people welcoming it.

These Wireless Headphones For Silent Disco have proved to be a boon to the society with its capability to eliminate noise from its surrounding environment. Translation India is an emerging leader, a brand in terms of its unique innovative gadgets under its banner which have created a deeper impact on its part to preserve the environment.