wireless audience response system

You spent lots of money to organize an event but didn’t see the audience engagement that you had expected. Does it sound familiar to you?

Actually, you are not the one who has faced this issue. There are many people who are struggling with the low audience engagement.

The solution is pretty simple…

You can use a wireless audience response system to measure the audience engagement.

What is the audience response system?

Audience response system also known as voting pads is a kind of interactive voting system that helps you collect the feedback from the audience about the events or topics they are participating in. It is a small yet powerful response system that builds a direct communication between audiences and the presenter.

It creates interactivity between a presenter and its audience.  The voting pad systems contain both wireless hardware and presenter software to present questions, record responses, and provide feedback.

The audience response system has two components first receiver and second is audience clicker. Questions can be presented either using PowerPoint or ARS software that often contains choice, true/false, ordering and short answers.

The audience can view the questions on the screen and use the clicker to vote for the right answer.

Benefits of the wireless audience response system

Audience response system (ARS) is helpful in many cases especially to understand the audience psychology. Using voting pad systems you can know what people are thinking about your events or conferences. Many businesses are now voting pads for conferences to understand the audience behaviour so they can deliver their best services to them.

One more reason hiring voting pads for the conference is a great idea because it would help you gather the right data instead of hand raising counts that make it hard to know which selection people are making.

Here are the reasons to use audience response system rental:

Increase audience attention – Four University of Wisconsin campuses found that using voting pads to complete the survey increased 94% of student engagement in the classroom. Whereas, 69% of the students stated that they were engagement because of the audience response system only 13% of students deny with this fact.

Improve knowledge – The same University of Wisconsin study claims that 74% of faculties agreed that wireless audience response system was beneficial for their students, whereas 26% were natural.

Vote anonymously –  Instead of using a traditional voting system of raising hands with answer card, audience response systems are way better than voting anonymously. You might miss who raised hands during voting but if we talk about using a wireless audience response system then there is no chance you miss a single vote.

Confirm audience understanding of key points immediately – The same University of Wisconsin asked faculty members anonymously if using voting pads for schools and universities is a good choice. 100% of the faculty members agreed that voting pads helped them to assess student knowledge on a particular concept. Furthermore, students also accepted that audience response system provided them instant feedback what they knew and what they didn’t.

Gather data for reporting and analysis – Unlike to other forms of audience participation (raising hands or holding up answer cards), wireless audience response systems use software to collect the answers of audiences and the answers stored in a database. All response linked with a particular id that makes it easy to find who voted and who didn’t. Answers can be uses for furthers research and education purpose.

Let us know if you have any query regarding audience response system rental, we would be happy to help you.