Tour Guide Systems And Portable Transmitters, Audio Tour Guide System

The Audio Mp3 Guide System is a simplified version of wireless tour guide systems that visitor can activate the playing of Audio by selecting the number keys on the device keypad.

The Audio Mp3 Guide System is quite popular tour guide equipment due to its simple operation and good media format support. Translation India have successfully provided thousands of wireless tour guide systems to its clients in past years and still counting on. The Mp3 audio guides we provide is easy to operate and affordable which can meet all our clients requirements.

Translation India provides quality MP3 audio guides as well as tour guide microphone and headsets. Call us to know about mp3 audio tour guide system rental price.

Translation India - Mp3 Tour Guide System Features:

Unlimited No. of devices in a event or location

Rugged and long lasting

Up-to 9999 Audio clips can be recorded

Number Button activation

User friendly interface of 1.8 inch screen display

2GB of in-build data storage space

12 Foreign languages interfaces

Compact and Stylish design, easy to use

Running time of 8 Hrs