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Looking for a company that provides quality Dari Translation services. With globalization and the Internet, you shouldn't settle for the services of a mediocre and unprofessional local translator anymore. Translation India provides Dari translation services of the highest quality and efficiency to clients all over the world. We offer you very reasonable rates, quick turnaround, and discounts for longer documents. We are here to help you with all your translation needs and make things swift and effortless for you.

With a team of dedicated project managers working in tandem with a group of world-class Dari translators we guarantee satisfaction. All our translatoes are well qualified and work solely in their native languages. They specialize in different fields such as legal, financial, technical, medicaletc. By taking into account your special needs and targeting the text to your specific industry and audience, our Dari translators will do the best job possible for you. Hence they ensure high quality, efficient and practical translation of your documents.

Translation India is also a leading provider of professional Dari interpretation services. Our Dari interpretation services are comprehensive and can be customized to fit in your individual needs. We provide both simultaneous interpreting service for multi-lingual conferences and consecutive interpreting service for negotiations and face-to-face meetings. Let us help you to find a solution for your foreign language business needs.

Interpreting is a complex task. There is no opportunity to edit, no margin for error. But for our Dari interpreters it is simple. Using their extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the subject area, they are able to integrate cultural preferences into their choice of words and phrases. They can select the right word instantly, without fail. Our team of Dari interpreters can offer services in a variety of settings including conferences, business meetings, courtrooms, medical rooms, social services etc.

Translation India can provide you with professional Dari conference interpretation services. You can have complete confidence that we will provide you with experienced conference interpreters and quality interpreting services that you require. Our Dari conference interpreters are native speakers and qualified linguists. Each of our interpreters specializes in a chosen area of expertise. Hence, Translation India is your ideal partner for improving communications with your international clients

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