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Article 11 - French Translation

Look at the facts below. French is one of the important languages of the world. So the French Translation become important activity It is the official language of 41 countries other than France. It is commonly spoken in France, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Monaco - among other nations in Africa - the Caribbean, South America, and in the Pacific. There are around 130 million French speakers worldwide. French Canadians largely use the internet to shop online almost as much as most Americans. All these countries use French Translation services in day to day business.

If businesses want an opportunity to reach out to this growing market, they need to be able to communicate in French language. This brings in the need to hire French translation services.

Some important features of the language and French translation are as follows:

Every noun in French has a gender (i.e., masculine or feminine); that affects every element of the sentence that is in relation with it (article, adjective, etc.).so the French translators have to take this in account.
The form of address (direct or indirect) is dictated by how formal a tone is required for the document. Typically, but not always, an official document will use the more formal indirect address ("infinitive") to give instructions to the reader and for French translators
Texts usually expand by about 30% when translated from English into French. Hence the layouts will be affected while doing a website French translation.
With the subtleties of cultural differences and the complexities of spellings, syntax and grammar, the challenge of accurately doing a French translation is enormous.
Spanish verbs are more complex than they are in English. There are many irregularities and exceptions which sometimes makes it confusing to select the appropriate tense.
The spoken language is inevitably affected by the geographic location and the proximity of another culture. Pronunciation and usage of spoken French-the colloquial language, slang etc. vary from country to country.

Hence in order to get accurate results, it is best to hire a French translator who lives in that specific country. A native speaker will be aware of the local colloquialisms of the target country and be able to understand most of the nuances that are in use in different French-speaking countries.

Translation India is the place where you can be assured that your projects will be handled by translators who are native speakers living in that country, and who have thorough knowledge of the subject matter. Our translators not only focus on the linguistic aspects of the task but also use the right tone specific to the audience. They can easily gauge whether the French translation of the text should read colloquially or formally.

So if you are looking for a complete set of skills- Good command over source and target language, in-depth knowledge of the subject matter, experience and professionalism, contact us now for all your French translation needs.

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