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Article 9 - Chinese translation

With more and more business being done in China, the demand for Chinese translation services is constantly growing. Companies are looking for a premium quality Chinese translation service to effectively communicate with their Chinese speaking customers and clients.

Chinese is an official language of China, Taiwan and Singapore. It is spoken by more than 1.2 billion people worldwide. The other countries where it is widely spoken include Brunei, Cambodia, Canada, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Laos, Macao, Malaysia, Mauritius, Thailand, USA and Vietnam. All these countries needs Chinese translation and Chinese translation activity is becoming important to carry out the business.

Chinese has two dialects. Majority of the population speak Mandarin and the rest of the population including Hong Kong speak Cantonese. Nearly all Chinese in the United States speak Cantonese. A given word may be quite different in Mandarin and Cantonese, but it would be written identically in the two dialects. Translation India take pride that it provide services in Chinese translation in both dialects.

There are two written forms of Chinese language-traditional and simplified Chinese. Simplified characters are used in Singapore. Traditional Chinese characters are used in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Malaysia. Translation have capacities in providing services in both character of Chinese translation In the simplified system, the number of strokes per character is reduced as also the number of characters in common use.

Chinese is written with thousands of distinctive characters called ideographs. Translation India has expertise in translating Chinese using by using all the characters These characters consist of two elements -a significant, which indicates the meaning of a word, and a phonetic, which indicates the sound. In a large dictionary there are 40-50,000 characters. Since the Chinese characters take lesser space than the English characters, an English to Chinese translation of a website page may require changing the layout. However the word count of an English to Chinese translation will usually be more because one English word may be expressed in 2-3 Chinese words.

The grammar of Chinese is much different than that of English. The order of words may be reshuffled or even reversed in a Chinese translation.

Such characteristics of the Chinese language make Chinese translation a highly skilled task. Only experienced professional translator can avoid pitfalls and provide results that live up to the expectations of the client. Only those translators who are well versed with the language can apply their common sense and use fonts, adjust tone, and bridge the language gap by avoiding common mistakes and oversights.

And when you are looking for such good translators there is no better place than Translation India. Our professional and experienced Chinese translators pay close attention to the appropriate tone, flow and the nuances of the language. Using their years of experience they can make use of the right words and appropriate terminology from the large range of choices in the Chinese words.

So if you are looking for rock solid Chinese translation, contact us now. OR MAIL US AT:-info@translationindia.com

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