Two-way portable Wireless Audio Transceiver

The guide can speak to the transmitter and visitors can hear
from the receivers. When a visiter presses a button on the receicer,
he can speak to the handset and all the others will hear him. It allowes
the visitors and the guide in one group to interact with each others

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Two-way wireless tour guide systems let tour guides and participants communicate easily while they are on tour to understand each other. These tour guide systems make sure the tour group to talk to and be heard by each other properly; by making it more convenient for interviews or question and answer sessions. Whatever situation you’re in, a 2 way wireless tour guide system will deliver your message to the right person.

The two-way portable Wireless Audio Transceiver (WAT) WAT-01TW system consists of an audio transmitter and a set of receiver/transmitters. The guide speaks through the transmitter and the visitors hear from the receivers. When a visitor presses a button on the receiver, he can speak to the handset and all the others will hear him. It allows the visitors and the guide in one group to interact with each other. It is very good for factory tour guide.

Where Are Tour Guide Systems Used?

  1. 2 Way tour guide systems commonly used around noisy environments such around an industrial manufacturing plant.

  2. Simultaneous interpretation for multi-lingual meetings/conferences.

  3. Radio aid system help people where hearing is hard because of noise.

  4. Audio description system to help blind or partially sighted people.

  5. Silent Conferences in a busy exhibition hall.

  6. Guide tourists in quiet spaces such as Museums/Art galleries or historical sites.

Features of Two-way Wireless Tour Guide Systems:

  1. Limitless amount of wireless receivers for each transmitter.

  2. Two way transmission allows guide and visitors to interact.

  3. Wider band allows crystal clear sound transmission. Advanced microchips to ensure very little noises and compact size.

  4. High-Tech Rechargeable Lithium battery with large capacity.

  5. 250 meters range from the transmitter to receivers.

  6. 23 independent channels.

  7. Easy to use multi-port battery charger.

Two-way Wireless Tour Guide Systems Specifications:

  1. Parmater Value

  2. Wave band 759-928MHz

  3. Output Power 15 dBm

  4. Sensitivity -95 dBm

  5. Modulation QPSK

  6. Frequency response 40Hz-5kHz

  7. Frequency deviation +/-75kHz

  8. Distance 250 m (Open ground/without interference)

  9. S/N ratio 80 dB

  10. Input microphone/audio, 3.5mm

  11. Output earphone/audio, 3.5mm

  12. No. of Channels 23

  13. Power supply 3.7 V Rechargeable

  14. Lithium battery, 17 hours life

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