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How to Select the Best Audience Response Systems Rental for your Events

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Envision your inclination on a live occasion, you locate your most loved member on-screen playing out your most loved track. You are so impacted and anxious to show your help and love for the coveted entertainer. Innovation has risen as a key impetus in meeting your reasonable needs to show or judge your inclinations. In different on-TV programs, the makers have given enthusiasm for the inclusion of the overall population to keep it a reasonable play among competitors. We know about different Dance rivalries, where the role of people in general judgment chooses the fate of the participant.

When we talk about innovation, the advancement and convenience assume a noteworthy job in its utility. There are numerous players managing the advanced interactive voting system in the market. To pick the best of them is dependably a troublesome choice as every one of the makers are utilizing modern innovations in their innovative products.

A fully advanced Audience Polling System display with 433MHz RF innovation, more grounded Wi-Fi against interference capacity, the refreshed framework limit up to 5000 voters in a solitary room, suits different regions. Electronic Voting Keypads are reasonable for different territories, conferences, centre gatherings, showcase gatherings and crusades, and mark street appearances, industry affiliation meeting, scholastic discussions, representative supposition surveys and fulfilment studies, corporate yearly gathering, TV live shows.

The clients of electronic voting system secured more than 80 nations, address the issues of business and showcasing gatherings, centre gatherings, affiliation meeting, scholarly discussions, staff fulfilment studies, corporate yearly gathering, TV appears. Remote Voting Pads give voting frames like the decision, need rank and judge to gather the genuine criticism of a group of onlookers rapidly, to advance correspondence and enhance the gathering impacts.

With a populace of Over 1 Billion, India rises as a key pioneer in its piece of the pie for its utility of Advanced Voting pads in excess of approximately 500 live occasions in a specific month. Audience response system plays the most important role in keeping the event and its audience intact and engaging at the same time. Translation India, an Indian emerging brand name in supplying quality Voting pads to numerous shows throughout the length and breadth of the country.

What differs Translation India’s Voting Pads from the rest of the brands?

  • Translation India’s voting Pads are anything but difficult to utilize arrangement with Plug and play capacity.
  • FLEXIBLE rental arrangements accessible over every one of the urban communities In India including MUMBAI, DELHI, BANGALORE, CHENNAI, KOCHI, HYDERABAD and some more.
  • Pricing to Suit spending plan of Event chief and PCOs.
  • Set up Time: between 10 minutes to 30 minutes relying on the number and accessibility of test Questions.
  • Results will be shown immediately after each test question.
  • Translation India has overseen effectively more than 1200 voting cushions in numerous sessions at the same time and consistently.

Translation India serves with presenting the best audience response rentals throughout the country. Involving as the key participant in supplying advanced equipment to major live events, this emerging brand is creating a landmark among its competitors and is here to stay for a long time.

Voting Pads

How Audience Response Systems Can Increase Your Audience Engagement

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You spent lots of money to organize an event but didn’t see the audience engagement that you had expected. Does it sound familiar to you?

Actually, you are not the one who has faced this issue. There are many people who are struggling with the low audience engagement.

The solution is pretty simple…

You can use a wireless audience response system to measure the audience engagement.

What is the audience response system?

Audience response system also known as voting pads is a kind of interactive voting system that helps you collect the feedback from the audience about the events or topics they are participating in. It is a small yet powerful response system that builds a direct communication between audiences and the presenter.

It creates interactivity between a presenter and its audience.  The voting pad systems contain both wireless hardware and presenter software to present questions, record responses, and provide feedback.

The audience response system has two components first receiver and second is audience clicker. Questions can be presented either using PowerPoint or ARS software that often contains choice, true/false, ordering and short answers.

The audience can view the questions on the screen and use the clicker to vote for the right answer.

Benefits of the wireless audience response system

Audience response system (ARS) is helpful in many cases especially to understand the audience psychology. Using voting pad systems you can know what people are thinking about your events or conferences. Many businesses are now voting pads for conferences to understand the audience behaviour so they can deliver their best services to them.

One more reason hiring voting pads for the conference is a great idea because it would help you gather the right data instead of hand raising counts that make it hard to know which selection people are making.

Here are the reasons to use audience response system rental:

Increase audience attention – Four University of Wisconsin campuses found that using voting pads to complete the survey increased 94% of student engagement in the classroom. Whereas, 69% of the students stated that they were engagement because of the audience response system only 13% of students deny with this fact.

Improve knowledge – The same University of Wisconsin study claims that 74% of faculties agreed that wireless audience response system was beneficial for their students, whereas 26% were natural.

Vote anonymously –  Instead of using a traditional voting system of raising hands with answer card, audience response systems are way better than voting anonymously. You might miss who raised hands during voting but if we talk about using a wireless audience response system then there is no chance you miss a single vote.

Confirm audience understanding of key points immediately – The same University of Wisconsin asked faculty members anonymously if using voting pads for schools and universities is a good choice. 100% of the faculty members agreed that voting pads helped them to assess student knowledge on a particular concept. Furthermore, students also accepted that audience response system provided them instant feedback what they knew and what they didn’t.

Gather data for reporting and analysis – Unlike to other forms of audience participation (raising hands or holding up answer cards), wireless audience response systems use software to collect the answers of audiences and the answers stored in a database. All response linked with a particular id that makes it easy to find who voted and who didn’t. Answers can be uses for furthers research and education purpose.

Let us know if you have any query regarding audience response system rental, we would be happy to help you.

RFID simultaneous interpretation equipment

Best Conference Translation Service for Events and Meetings

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For multilingual conferences, where members’ understanding is basic to the achievement of the event, conference interpretation systems empower interpreters to render simultaneously the speaker’s discourse into another dialect and disseminate the translated discourse to event members who will choose and tune in to their dialect of decision. Conference interpreters working with our interpretation systems will guarantee that dialect is no boundary to understanding.

Translation India’s interpreting technology solutions offer fantastic Conference Translation Services that meets the most astounding industry standards. Adaptability is at its core with up to 32 dialect channels accessible and the capacity to add thousands of units to cook for huge events and audiences. The outcome – consistent and effective multilingual communication at your event paying little mind to size or location.

Translation India causes you to plan the best framework for your gathering, select interpreters with the correct understanding and gives you the onsite staff required for collecting, working and destroying equipment. We take the troublesome errand of interpretation off your shoulders and give an entire turn-key solution.

Depending on your venue, your interpreters may require specific equipment. Substantial conferences and gatherings may call for computerized Interpretation Equipment Rental, wireless headsets, microphones, and related devices. Littler gatherings and mobile tours can use portable, cost-effective equipment.

Translation India can supply you with interpretation equipment rental and related technical support. We offer interpreter booths for extensive conferences and portable “whisper” devices for littler or off-site functions. Our specialists will work with you to recognize what you require as far as gadget, configuration, and technical support for your event.

To have fruitful multicultural, multilingual communications for your conferences and conventions, it is important that you have talented, experienced, qualified interpreters, as well as the proper combination of sound equipment and in the vicinity technical support. Our experienced technicians will regulate the setup and stay on hand amid your event to guarantee a brilliant interpretation service.

Regardless of whether your business works in one location, or you are constantly on-the-go, we offer the best simultaneous translation equipment. We convey both portable and desktop multi-channel systems, which dependably give clear, solid sound in light of the most recent acoustic technology.

Because of our more than 20 years encounter working with the most legitimate brands in interpretation technology, our exceptionally prepared professionals can help you rapidly select the best translation equipment like RFID and Barcode Scanners for your necessities at the most affordable costs.

Tour Guide System

Best Wireless Tour Guide System Rental for Group Tours

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Translation India Tour Guide System helps tour groups beat exasperating foundation noise and separation from the guide even in boisterous environment.  The system comprises of a transmitter, various pocket measure recipients with battery-powered batteries and one or a few charging stations.

It is simple set up and utilizes and works over a separation of 100 meters. At the point when completely charged the system can be utilized 8-10 hours. The system is appropriate to use for in-and outdoors guided tours, however can likewise be utilized in gatherings where at least one mediator decipher the discourse. It obliges any number of clients with extra collectors and if there are portable amplifier clients in the gathering a neck circle is effortlessly included.

The system is anything but difficult to utilize and requires no establishment. It very well may be utilized together with Translation India with worked in recipients.

A Translation India’s Tour Guide System is a cautious option in contrast to a loudspeaker system guaranteeing just your gathering can hear you. Never again does your gathering need to group around you to hear what you are stating. With a tour guide wireless sound systems they can remain back and see what is happening while hearing you plainly.

Translation India Wireless Audio Tour Guide Systems help tour groups to defeat foundation noise and separation away from the guide. Translation India tour guide speaker system is anything but difficult to set up and utilize, works up to 120 meters, and suits a boundless number of recipients.

Its one-way radio communication system empowers the guide to talk at an agreeable level to the gathering while guaranteeing they are unmistakably heard. Up to 12 tour groups can work all the while inside a similar situation (contingent upon neighborhood conditions).

The tour guide wireless tour guide systems utilize a transmitter. They can either talk into a microphone or associate another audio gadget e.g. Smartphone, mp3 player, to speak with the gathering. The audio message is then transmitted on a particular channel (recurrence) as radio waves to the collectors.

The audience utilizes a recipient to change over this radio flag back to audio. Every individual is provided with a beneficiary set to a similar channel (recurrence) as the moderator. The client just interfaces an earphone to hear the message and modifies their volume to an agreeable level.

Both the transmitter and recipients are provided with a cord and apparel clasp to empower sans hands utilize. Every unit works on a solitary AA battery. Either Alkaline or Ni-Mh battery-powered batteries can be utilized. A charger/transport case gives assurance and secures stockpiling to the units between tours.

An extensive variety of adornments are accessible for the system to suit every application. Regardless of whether the tour is occurring in an exhibition hall or a downtown area, Tour Guide Sound System can be utilized to give an expert affair to your visitors.

Translation India tour guide system has been intended to be extremely easy to understand and can be setup inside minutes. As the system is totally wireless, it tends to be worked inside or outdoors and requires no establishment. Call us now to know our tour guide system price.

Voting Pads

What is Audience Response System and How You Can Get Most of It

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Audience response system is a blend of hardware and software that let a presenter or instructor run presentations, focus on groups, classroom lectures, and other group meetings.

Voting pads basically a wireless hand-held keypad with 7-10 buttons that provided to each member participating in conferences or events. A receiver, or base station, connect to the presenter’s computer gather information from data entries that happen through wireless audience system.

The audience response system also connected with presenter’ computer and help him in presentations along with data collection and reporting functions.

Benefits of using an Audience Response Systems

There are plenty of benefits of using audience response systems for conferences, events and even classrooms where you need to collect data from a mass. Some of them are:

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  • Fast and accurate data gathering
  • Get feedback and quick results
  • Easy purchase and rental available
  • Help in audience engagement
  • Increase audience attention towards presentation
  • A wide range of application available for conferences[/su_list]

Where Can You Use It?

Audience response system often used in meetings, conferences, classroom, etc. where the organizer wants to collect audiences feedback. Furthermore, attendees can give their feedback in the middle of a staff meeting, workshops, etc.

In short, an interactive voting system is the best way whenever you need people’s feedback or want to know their opinion for a particular event.

How Does Audience Response System Work?

The presenter describes presentation that projected on a large screen. The most audience response system supports PowerPoint and directly work with it, while others have their own presentation software that runs slides.

The audience ranges from 2 to 20,000 access presentation through the wireless keywords. Each presentation slides that run contains a question and multiple responses that the audience has to choose according to their knowledge.

Once all the audience are done with their voting or times run out, gathered data visible on the presentation board with graphics showing data.

However, a presenter can easily know about individuals voting or let it remain anonymous. Because an honest voting system typically is anonymous and doesn’t favor any particular topic.

On the other hand, in classroom or training camps, there be a professor or instructor who collects the responses to grade quizzes or take attendance through an interactive voting system.

Audience response systems basically used for large-scale meetings and conferences. Moreover, corporate trainers like to use portable audience response system to provide training to their employees who aren’t present in the office.

In short, all businesses whether it is a large-scale or small like to use wireless audience response system when they need to collect data from the audience.

Here is a beautiful infographic that would help you take a better decision why should you use audience response system?

what is audience response system

Translation India is a leading provider of simultaneous interpretation equipment and conference interpreting equipment rental. Drop us a mail to make hire voting pads for conferences and make your next event successful.

Voting Pads

How to Find Right Audience Response System for Conferences

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How to make your monotonous corporate event or seminar into an interesting one? Simply hire audience response systems and turn around your event.

Also known as voting pads system, these wireless audience response systems give you a chance to interact and engage your audiences in the event itself!

You can get instant opinions of your delegates or employees with these little LED screen devices. A good electronic voting system enables you to gauge the mood of the audience towards your product, services as well as companies.

The right kind of wireless audience response system can add the much-needed zing to your event or seminar. Suitable for product launches, medical discussions, employee training sessions, corporate seminars, school events, and even company meetings, the electronic voting pad system has surely revolutionized the corporate world.

As a matter of fact, the interactive voting pad system gives voice to your employees and gives you an instant peak into their mindsets.

Best Ways to Find Audience Response System

Here are the best ways that will help you to find the best audience response system for your event-well, one can start by:

Do online research

One can find millions of reviews, talk to old clients and check audience ratings for companies offering electronic voting pad systems on rent.

Know your type

Different voting pad systems are available for different needs. One can use them from yes or no questions to multiple choice questions to even set up as a contest between participants. There are different modes available on different types of audience response systems. So choose according to your requirement.

Check for rental prices

Cheap doesn’t always mean quality products. So be careful before you are taken in by zillions of companies offering high discounts on wireless audience response system equipment. Look for a company that offers affordable yet high-quality equipment on rent.

Timely delivery

Now, this is something very important. If the voting pad equipment rental for conferences doesn’t reach you on time, then the whole point of booking them is lost! Look for a company that delivers products on time without any hassle.

As you know by now, it is very essential to find just the right type of audience response system for your corporate event. There are several options available online.

One can choose from a variety of audience response systems. However, the best ones always come from Translation India. The company is one of the topmost providers of simultaneous interpretation equipment & translation equipment rentals pan India.

Known for its timely delivery and superior quality, Translation India offers excellent audience wireless response system at affordable rates. Hire their voting pad systems for your next conference and make your audience become a part of your event!

Translation India guarantees highly advanced audience response system. Book them now to see your conference reach next levels of success!

silent disco

7 Advantages of Silent Disco Headphones and How You Can Make Full Use of It

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Silent disco is the new mantra of India’s party scene! It is the ultimate fad to hit the Indian arty market which has sparked interest amongst even the un-interested ones.

In fact, silent disco headphones can be seen as the best amalgamation of technology with entertainment. You get access to nonstop music irrespective of breaking any rules or causing any noise pollution and what more you can even select and listen to the song of your choice  ( if you are using 3 channel silent disco headphone).

Wireless Headphones for Silent Disco And More!

Many people still credit it as something foreign and what “young kids would like to do.” However, if one takes a look, then silent disco wireless headphones have become more Indian than one could think of.

Since its introduction through the movie, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and its now famous Breakup Song, silent party headphones on rent have become a must-have item for any party lover.

As a matter of fact, variations of the silent party including silent dandiya nights, silent Garba nights, silent movie marathons and even silent wedding sangeet nights are flitting through Indian markets. One can easily join in the fun irrespective of their age.

7 Advantages of Silent Disco Headphones Hard to Ignore

Here we are enlisting 7 obvious advantages of silent disco headphones and how one can fully use them!

#1. Up to 3 music channel silent disco headphones

Silent disco headphones come in basic, 2 music and 3 music channel selection models. One can easily switch from one song to another. Now you don’t need to worry about noise do your silent party all night with silent party disco headphones.

#2. No longer queuing outside DJ to request your favorite song

The DJ can now accommodate up to 5 people at the same time. One can easily choose the station of their choice and dance away to their favorite music. DJ go home now you can party without him as per your condition.

#3. All night long party

Hire a silent disco equipment and you will not be breaking the government’s rule of no loud music after 10 pm. With the active noise cancellation system, the wireless silent party headphones don’t let any sound spill out or cause disturbance to anyone.

#4. Become a trendsetter

Be the first one to rent or buy silent disco headphones in your group and enjoy being a trendsetter. Soon, everyone would be following in your footsteps or should we say headphones! You’re just one step away from becoming a silent disco star.

#5. No need to search for party space

Because every place is a party place with silent wireless disco headphones and transmitters. All you need to do is set up the system with a DJ and bam! Your silent party can happen even in your living space!

#6. Multipurpose silent disco headphones

You don’t have to use them just for dancing you know, you can also use them for your silent conferences or simultaneous interpretation system as well!

#7. An answer to noise pollution

With zero disturbance or sound spillage, silent disco headphones are the ultimate answer to the increasing noise pollution. It is a very eco-friendly method of having a party!

All the above-mentioned qualities can be found in single company headphones i.e. Translation India, one of the leading providers of interpretation and translation equipment and their hi-tech silent disco headphones.

These wireless headphones for silent disco are available at affordable rates for rent and buy from Translation India and say yes to new age style of partying in India!

simultaneous interpretation equipment

How to Get A Fabulous Conference Translation Services on A Tight Budget

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Searching for the right kind of conference translation services is of utmost importance while organizing an event on a big sale, especially when it involves international or regional delegates and you are on a tight budget.

It is thus, also important to have access to efficient interpreters who provide the translation with 100% accuracy. One has to make sure that everything goes according to the plan.

If there is even a single glitch in the translation or interpretation in another language, then the whole purpose of the conference can be lost!

But where would one find such a good quality conference interpreting equipment at budgeted rates?

Best Conference Interpreting Equipment

It becomes quite necessary to choose your conference interpreting system carefully. There are a lot of choices in the market available these days. Comparing the pros and cons of different interpreting systems for conferences can take up a lot of your time.

So that is why we are bringing you the best translation device for conferences in the Market today- Translation India’s excellent, superior quality silent conference system. It not only enables you to hold multiple conferences at the same time but also allows you to hold them in the same room!

In addition, the silent conference system also doubles up as the simultaneous interpretation equipment as well. So you actually got two services at the price of one. With its high-quality wireless audio conference system, Translation India has guaranteed crystal, clear sound quality with zero delays to its clients.

Benefits of hiring Translation India’s wireless silent audio conference system

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  • Save your time and money otherwise spent in organizing multiple conferences, speaker schedules
  • Save your energy from all the logistics and usual conference paraphernalia
  • Delegates get a choice of joining in a conference of their choice
  • Silent conference system offers up to 32 channel selection with superior sound quality
  • You’ll no longer have to search and organize conferences at multiple locations. One big space is enough to set up various speakers along with their mics and silent headphones for delegates to choose from
  • Our high-quality conference interpreting equipment provides simultaneous interpretation in any requested language with zero errors[/su_list]

The best part about Translation India and its premium services is that they offer such affordable rental prices that it doesn’t leave even a small dent in your pockets. You get world-class technology at the cost of peanuts, which according to us is a very great deal!

Silent conference system comes equipped with

[su_list icon=”icon: play” icon_color=”#db3018″]

  • High-quality wireless conference headphones with up to 32-40 channel selection
  • Transmitters with a high range of 300 meters
  • Superior quality microphones[/su_list]

Just book our services by giving us a call or through our website and we will deliver your requisite silent conference system within no time and set up the whole system at your designated venue.

It is so easy to book our silent conference system. So not give it a second thought. Follow this link – and rent our high-quality silent conference wireless audio system equipment now!

simultaneous interpretation equipment

How to Rent A Simultaneous Translation Equipment Without Hassle

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Simultaneous translation equipment has become the need of the hour, especially if you are in a global business and have to deal with different nationalities and cultures from across the world. It is not possible to understand and speak the language of each and every country.

But with the aid of a good and reliable simultaneous interpretation system, one can easily achieve a smooth flow of communication.

Organizing a corporate event is any day a nightmare! All the costs, logistics and the usual paraphernalia that goes into the organization of a grand event. Additionally, if it is a multicultural event then the organizational costs go even higher.

To save yourself all the additional time and cost, we recommend wireless interpretation system that interprets data in any requested language simultaneously.

Simultaneous Translation and Interpretation Equipment

This is one of the highly advanced interpretation systems available in the market and lets you transmit data via infra-red. A speaker speaks into the microphone through which data is transmitted to an interpreter who wearing silent headphones, then interprets the spoken data into another microphone which then gets transmitted to the delegate who is again wearing special silent headphones for the job.

Simultaneous Translation Booth

With new technology comes new innovation. These days, you can also hire along with simultaneous translation services, a mobile, soundproof simultaneous interpretation booth. It can accommodate up to 3 interpreters and allows zero space for sound interference from outside.

However, before hiring first you need to ask these simple questions to yourself:

[su_list icon=”icon: caret-right” icon_color=”#db3018″]

  • What is the audience size?
  • How many languages do you need to be interpreted simultaneously?
  • Where would you set up the interpreter in the room?
  • Will there be a clear line of sight between the transmitter as well as the receiver?[/su_list]

These questions help you decide what kind of simultaneous interpretation equipment rental you require.
The whole process is done in real time, thus, it makes it even more challenging for you to hire a good simultaneous translation equipment. A name that crops up in this regard is Translation India.

It is one of the top most companies in the country that offer premium simultaneous interpretation wireless equipment on rent at affordable prices pan India.

Renting equipment from them is just a piece of cake. There are no hassles, no long waiting lists or no over pricing, only high-quality service with world-class technology.

With Translation India, you just need to:

[su_list icon=”icon: caret-right” icon_color=”#db3018″]

  • Call us or click on the link to send in your simultaneous wireless interpretation system requirement.
  • Our managers will get in touch with you and recommend and find the best Bosch simultaneous translation system suitable to your needs.
  • On your scheduled date, our team will be there to help in setup and manage all this to make sure it runs smoothly.
  • When your event is over, our company guy comes up and pack up the simultaneous translation equipment without causing any hassles for you.[/su_list]

For our rental prices and payment policies, please click on this link.

For your next corporate multicultural event, don’t think and rent Translation India’s high-quality Bosch simultaneous interpretation equipment rentals.