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Why Renting A Tour Guide System is Smart Decision

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Why You Should Rent Wireless Tour Guide System

If you have ever held guided tours within a small or large scale premises you might be very well aware how clear communication with all the members you are trying to address turns out to be a big hassle especially talking about the huge interference caused by the ambient noise which is a complicated cocktail of traffic noise in the background, industrial equipment such as drills or vacuum cleaners etc.

Translation India brings to the table a whole range of wireless tour  guide system audio assistance equipment including everything from one way tour guide systems from William Sound Inc, USA to complicated 2-way tour guide system to facilitate an elaborate reverse communication from members end to the guide.

A hassle-free HDE stethoset Receiver from Sennheiser tour guide system makes the messy cable management a thing of the past plus simpler pre-recorded MP3 tour guide systems which frees the audience from the time-bound tour and leaves it up to the tourist to take his/her time for each site and keep replaying the explainer audio to get a better understanding of a particular site which is more or less like carrying an audio guide in your pocket.

As astonishing as it may sound but tourism contributes a whoping 9.2% of the total GDP to the Indian economy which equates to a $220 billion business yearly.

Why this shouldn’t be a surprise is because one has to consider the vast heritage of India and how various cultures have enriched india over thousands of years to add to its list of heritage sites.

Translation India wants to emerge as a leading provider of state of the art tech to assist the tour guide industry that revolves around these heritage sites and further promote tourism industry in India.

Because we care to support the blooming Tourism sector India is fostering, Translation India came up with cost effective renting solutions where our equipment could be rented and used to enjoy precise and clear guided tours.

The application is not just limited to Heritage sites but is equally viable for Big factory visits to a group of delegates, school applications for various sorts of visits, Bus tours and big conferences as well.

As opposed to purchasing these units and bearing the hassle of storage, charging and carrying the units to and from the site, we believe renting the tour guide systems by Translation India is an absolute smart decision.

Why renting the units prove to be an absolutely viable decision is in the scenario where large scale multilingual international conferences are held and an event company, for these particular commissioned conferences, might need the transmitter and receiver system set up to facilitate flawless Simultaneous interpretation for the delegates coming in from various foreign nations.

Now what isn’t viable is to invest huge sum of money in these expensive equipments for a relatively scarce project.

Translation india realizes how our elaborate heritage needs be sworn to be promoted and that’s precisely why we earmark the tourism industry and are aimed at cultivating the untapped potential of small sector tour guide industry by facilitating a state of the art range of wireless tour guide systems, tour guide microphone and headsets on nominal rent and bypassing the pain of investing limited resources in the purchase of the units.

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Smart Checklist for Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

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Have you ever faced problems in understanding live multilingual speeches or conferences?  Imagine how people interpret in different ways to make it easier to understand.

The introduction of simultaneous interpretation equipment has lessened the gap between people of different origins to come together as a single community as mediating with the same medium of interpretation.

But first…

What is Simultaneous Interpretation?

Continuous interpretation of complex languages in a simultaneous Interpretation booth when any such conferences are going on at real time.

What are the Equipment setups for Simultaneous Interpretation?

#1. Simultaneous Interpreter Console: It is an electronic box with audio connectors for both the Interpreter headset and the microphone. The Console helps switching to different languages, Volume Adjustment and microphone controls.

#2. Interpreter Headsets: Interpreters uses specially designed headsets used for best voice production and continuous interpretation.

#3. Interpreter Microphones: 3 types of Microphones are available in the market today :

[su_list icon=”icon: caret-right” icon_color=”#db3018″]

  • Microphone integrated into a console: The microphone connector is attaches to the top surface of the interpreter console.
  • Microphone integrated into a headset: The microphone connector has connections in the headset itself making it the most convenient way to communicate. The distance between the mouth and the microphone remains the same in any direction whichever movement you take.
  • Standalone Microphone in table-tops: Usually the least convenient way. The components used are separately connected to the console through a cable.[/su_list]

#4. Voice Receivers: The Interpreters output is fed into a cordless transmitter and into the voice receivers as the audio output.

Who is the bestseller of Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment?

While there are many retailers available in the market today, as per market research, Translation India, proves to remain at the top of this industry. Its products highlights a good user experience in terms of Sound Quality, Flexibility and user friendliness.

Translation India provides with a high grade professional audio equipment and Simultaneous Interpretation System to maintain its rank on the top.

To understand we have created a beautiful infographics check them out below:


Interpretation at multilingual Confrences

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5 Uses Of Silent Disco Headphones That Will Make You The Official Party King!

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Silent Disco Headphones Brings Out Your Inner Disco Dancer Out

When Mithun Chakraborty moved to the legendary song. ‘I am a disco dancer’ back in the 80s, he wouldn’t even have imagined the trend of silent disco headphones!

In fact, even Shah Rukh Khan, Preity Zinta & Saif Ali Khan crooning to the tunes of famous Bollywood song, ‘It’s the time to disco’ back in 2003, wouldn’t have guessed that there will come a time when people will be dancing to the silent tunes and no music could be heard anywhere, except for the ears of the party goers wearing silent headphones.

But, the future is finally here and with it has brought the fad of silent disco headphones. And not just any silent headphones, these are 3 channel silent disco headphones that give you the choice to listen and dance to the music of your choice on 3 different channels.

Now, isn’t that amazing you no longer have to wait for the DJ to play your favorite song, you no longer have to think about flouting government regulation of ‘no loud music after 10 pm’ and you definitely don’t have to worry about disturbing any neighbors, residents, students or even old people.

The best silent disco headphones come with active noise cancellation system, superior technology as well as attractive design that looks super cool on you! what ore, you could easily rent these silent party headphones for your next party or event easily from vendors for a reasonable price.

Five Uses of Silent Disco Headphones That Makes You Fall In Love With It

Here we are enlisting, 5 uses of silent disco headphones that will make you the official party planner of your group! We are sure, even you wouldn’t have thought of these. Take a look.

#1. Silent Garba Night

Yes, you can add a videshi tadka to a popular desi festival easily by planning silent garba night with silent disco headphones. It will be great to see everyone coordinating their garba dance moves in Indian attire while wearing silent wireless disco headphones!

#2. Silent Dandiya Night

Navratri and dandiya go hand in hand. Wouldn’t it be then exciting to coordinate your dandiya moments to the silent tunes of silent dandiya music!

#3. Silent DJ Party

Groove to the music of your choice with 3 channel silent disco headphones that gives you the choice of listening and dancing to multiple songs in your headphones! Be the super cool DJ playing different songs on different channels.

#4. Silent Movie

Can’t decide where to go for movie this weekend? Why worry? Plan a newage silent movie night with your friends and family and enjoy watching your favorite movie with your silent disco headphones, munching popcorn! Use your Netflix and Amazon Prime subscription to good cause already!

#5. Silent Wedding

Just imagine, performing at your best friend’s sangeet wearing silent wireless disco headphones? It can be a one of its kind silent sangeet or mehendi night with all the guests grooving to the music wearing silent party headphones.

Besides this, silent disco headphones can also be used for holding multiple silent conferences in the same room using silent disco headphones. The best silent disco headphones are available for an affordable price at Translation India.

They are the leading providers of high-tech silent disco headphones as well as language translation & interpretation equipment on rent. Plan your own silent disco party and become the talk of the town!


Why Translation India’s RFID Barcode Scanners Are Right for You

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How to Choose Right RFID Barcode Scanners That Meets Your Need

We are surprisingly unaware of the penetration of technology in our daily day lives. Everything from your metro travelling card which you wave at the gate and expect the gates to open for you to enter, to the Office gate scanners in front of which you wave your office card to register your entry time.

Everything uses a start of the art RFID technology which stand for Radio frequency identification.

The applications are not just limit to a couple of aforementioned avenues. The list goes on the shopping mall high frequency RFID tags used in all the articles like clothes, electronic components, books and numerous other articles.

The low frequency tags are taking the event industry by storm where we don’t need the old manual method of stamping identification card of the staff, instead we just need to have a dirt cheap low frequency RFID card that can be distributed to all the staff members with unique identification number which upon scanning would give us the information to recon the particular individual.

Translation india has realized this emerging requirement and looks up to this market to provide affordable robust ergonomically designed handheld RFID scanners which doubles up as a barcode scanner to serve another major requirement which you could use incase you have a running store which most definitely would require barcode scanners.

We also offer stand alone powerful bluetooth wireless barcode scanners with an adequate range and powerful laser to ensure snap on line of sight article identification to make sure your point of sale modules won’t ever hit a lag and business can go on without a hiccup.

The Major RFID market vacuum Translation India sits committed to fill is the Event organisation sector where keeping a track of the participating members to ensure security becomes a huge hassle. With our  powerful handheld RFID scanners managing a dynamic event won’t ever be a trouble.

Translation india also assessed other major avenues of RFID application including manufacturing and distribution companies, health secor application, govt body organizations and educational institutions with potential applications in corresponding academic limbs such as libraries, computer labs and conference halls and managing student outing events to various attractions where schools organize regular pay visits .

As a company we recognize that various small scale blooming businesses might have very specific areas they might need a solution for and that’s precisely why translation india have extended an olive branch with its custom bespoke tailored solutions to address specific requirements a potential prospect might come up to us with.

With our whole range of RFID Barcode scanner, standalone bluetooth barcode scanners and standalone RFID scanners, we wish to emerge as a catalyst to equip all range of small scale and large scale industries with quality all comprehensive retail and inventory management equipments to add to streamlining their daily day operations.

simultaneous interpretation equipment

7 Smart Ways Simultaneous Translation Equipment Make Conference Organizers’ Life Easy

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How Simultaneous Translation Equipment Helps Event Organizers

Do you realize what’s the single most unprecedented advancement our ancestors as ape made to see us through to where we are right now as a human civilization?

As surprising as it may sound, it was the development of language which equipped us to transmit our emotions, thoughts which made its way to equip us to deliver strategies an evolve as a civilization.

As various eras progressed we saw globalization coming to shape as we know it right now and again the biggest factor to account for that would be the capacity to understand each other as different civilizations and as a result to expand our avenues in all fronts especially business and academics.

Taking this torch forward the biggest groundbreaking advancement lately was Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment with real-time translation capability to facilitate an entire fleet of delegates from different corners of the world to sit with each other and enjoy communicating with each other without involving a human interpreter like we used to do in the past which was all but a little lousy way to reach each other waiting for the human translator to bridge the conversation.

Translation India leaves no stone unturned in order to make it’s offering a one-stop solution when it comes to catering to elaborate multi-faceted global events.

Here are 7 Ways How Simultaneous Translation Equipment Make Conference Organizers’ Life Easy:

#1. Say Bye-Bye to Consecutive Interpretation: 

Gone are old days where the speaker would say something and would stop for a couple of moments for the interpreter to translate those sentences  With new BOSCH powered state of the art simultaneous interpretation equipment we would never have to worry about the disruption of the natural flow of communication.

#2. Cleaner More Organized Event Floor:

With Translation India’s Bosch enabled interpretation tech, the transmission of floor language, the interpreter’s booths for the actual interpreters and retransmission of the translation feed to the handheld lightweight receivers became a more organized and orderly affair.

#3. Installing a separate sound booth have never been this easy:

An easy to assemble completely soundproof simultaneous interpretation booth which can accommodate up to three interpreters with adequate ventilation and power supply channels to facilitate a zero interference translation commencing campaigns for the interpreters.

#4. No Radio interference say hey to infrared:

Infrared transmission, as opposed to radio waves, rely on light pulse communication which is not visible to the human eye. Use of infrared makes sure you would never have to worry about radio wave interference with other critical devices present on the venue.

#5. Bigger better reach for a wider audience:

With Translation India’s RF Digital Simultaneous Interpretation Equipments you can cater to a wider audience with better sound quality reaching their headphones.

#6. Why worry about huge investment when you can rent the equipment:

With our easy to opt rental programs, you can rest assured all your needs are covered and you just need to book dates with us and are extremely talented and versed workforce will come to assess your venue and set up everything for you.

#7. Voting Add-Ons which will leave lasting mark on your delegates:

The BOSCH enabled technology offered by Translation India takes a paramount step to further add to the usability by integrating a component to conduct voting sessions within these delegate conferences which is a feature that comes loaded within the Bosch Central Control Unit.

What was your experience with Translation India’s simultaneous interpretation equipment? Did you try it yet?