Voting Pads

5 Benefits Of Hiring Voting Pad System For Your Next Corporate Program

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If you have watched KBC, then you all must be well aware about the electronic voting pads which are used for the LIVE audience poll. In fact, many reality shows rely on the use of audience voting system through electronic voting pads rentals. And now the trend has caught in with the corporates as well. If you are planning a corporate event, presentation, product launch or a discussion, then you need to have audience response system or ARS as a part of your event.

With an interactive voting system, you can easily establish a repo with your audience such that they feel an integral part of the event.

So what exactly are electronic voting pads for conferences?

Well, the voting pads or wireless audience response systems allow the users to input their answer like YES or NO, selecting an option etc. in real time, thus making any corporate session an interactive one. The users have to just click on the buttons to the information displayed on the LED screens. These voting pads co equipped with Microsoft Power Point and can be customized to create histograms, pie charts, and graphs etc. as per your needs.

Translation India provides the best audience response systems. In fact electronic voting pads available on hire have already been used in multiple conferences across major cities and events.

Here we are enlisting the obvious benefits that you get when you hire Translation India’s wireless audience response system or voting pads.

  1. Voting pad systems make your event more interactive and engaging for the audience.
  2. It breaks the monotony of the otherwise long corporate conferences and presentations.
  3. With use of ultra-modern technology, audience response system allows instant response
  4. The results can be displayed in multiple formats including charts, histograms etc.
  5. It has a high battery life with 1-2 years and can be used for n number of purposes.


Here are some salient features of Translation India’s voting pad rentals:

  • A respondent Handset (Voting pads) , Software, Receiver and Master
  • Power Source- AAA battery
  • Battery life : 1 to 2 years.
  • Technology- 2.4GHz Digital RF Technology
  • LCD screen with answer transmission indicator
  • Auto-setting question and options.
  • Results can be displayed in multiple formats.
  • Multi report facility and analysis of data as per requirement.
  • Microsoft powerpoint integration
  • Ten activity modes, such as normal quiz, rush quiz, elimination and so on
  • Supports Powerpoint quiz
  • Support quiz on paper, blackboard, PDF and so on


SUITABLE FOR- product launches, corporate training sessions, conferences, presentations, events, medical discussions, school events. etc.

Translation India offers the best wireless audience response system rentals in the country. In fact, they have provided around 1200 voting pads at multiple locations for a variety of events. Hire the world class quality electronic voting pads from Translation India or yournext corporate conference or event and keep your audience’s interested engaged till the very end!

Tour Guide System

7 Reasons Why You Need Wireless Tour Guide Systems In Your Work Place

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Have you ever encountered trouble interacting with your office colleagues in a noisy factory, construction site & plant site? Does the loud machinery sounds interfere with the communication between you and other employees? Are you looking for a permanent solution to resolve your work communication worries in a noisy factory or construction site? The answer is right in front of you. Translation India’s high quality wireless tour guide system that comes complete with microphones and headsets.

What is a tour guide system?

The wireless tour guide system & portable transmitters help you to communicate with your work colleagues in a noisy plant, construction site, factories and big work space with ease. With the aid of Bluetooth mics, headsets and portable transmitters, you can easily pass on important messages, hold discussions and issue orders to your employees without any sound interference from outside.

The tour guide communication system by Translation India comes with an active noise cancellation system that allows crystal clear sound with zero interruptions. There are 4 options to choose from the tour guide system as per your needs.

  1. Way Tour Guide System
  2. Sennheiser Tour Guide System
  3. 2-Way Tour Guide System
  4. MP3 Audio Guides

When you hire Translation India’s tour guide microphone and speaker system, you get the guarantee of reliable service and quality equipment. Besides this, there are other benefits too of renting wireless tour guide system from Translation India. Take a look:

  1. Advanced audio technology that delivers excellent sound quality, even in loud plants or manufacturing facilities.
  2. Simple, single-unit design that eliminates messy cables and wires.
  3. Hands-free transmitter and lightweight tour headsets that make tours effortless for you and your audience.
  4. 40 channels for multiple tour groups and interpretation functionality.
  5. Durable carrying case that quickly charges the long-lasting batteries providing mobility.
  6. Solid 18-Months Warranty assuring you confidence, security, and trust.
  7. Reliable system to cover any of your plant tour, employee training or guided tour headset and tour equipment needs.


Who can use tour guide system & portable transmitters?

It can be used for

  • Factory visits
  • Classroom
  • Bus tours
  • Tour groups
  • Monument visits
  • Conferences
  • Interpretations
  • Audio guide tours

Translation India is a 17 year old company that provides premium quality language translation & interpretation equipment on rent. The company has been providing its interpretation services for quite an impressive clienteleincluding interpretation of Prime Minister’s Independence Day speech for international delegates since past 3 years. Besides, tour guide communication system, it also offers silent disco headphones, silent conference system, simultaneous interpretation system, language translation services in requested language, audio guide tours, voting pad systems, RIFD barcode scanners and interpretation mobile booths.

simultaneous interpretation equipment

High Quality Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment For Your Next Multilingual Conference!

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What do you understand when you hear the term simultaneous interpretation system? Is it a new type of technology? Does it translates data for you in your preferred language? Or is it just another one those money spinning equipment that promises much but delivers less? Not if you hire from a reputed firm. Simultaneous interpretation equipment are here to make your lives easy.

If you are planning a big multilingual event or a multicultural conference wherein you require the need for several translators to be working at the same time on different languages of the world, then you should simply hire simultaneous translation equipment without batting an eye.


The USP of the simultaneous interpretation wireless system is that you can join in the conference from anywhere within the transmitters range. In fact, the language translation service allows simultaneous interpretation in multiple languages at the same time.  It is one of the many fetes of advanced technology. Hiring Bosch simultaneous interpretation equipment on rent from a renowned translation & interpretation company like Translation India guarantees instant success of your event and smooth running of operations.

Types of translation & interpretation services

Translation India at present, offers 2 variations of simultaneous interpretation equipment. Take a look.

  1. Bosch IR Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment*

One of the most sought after interpretation equipment, Bosch simultaneous interpretation equipment by Translation India allows you translation in all national & international languages.

Its features:

  • Advanced digital technology for a superior listening experience
  • Secure infra-red distribution
  • No interference from lighting
  • User-friendly selection of up to 32 channels
  • Attractive, ergonomic receiver design
  • Seamless integration with Bosch’s DCN Conference systems


  1. RF Digital Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

This digital simultaneous interpretation equipment is compact in size, easy to carry and gives even more channels than the Bosch IR model.

Its features:

  • RF stereo transmitters are used for Simultaneous Interpretation
  • Advanced modulation system and built-in PLL frequency
  • Well-shielded, compact structure & small size
  • 40 channels pre fixed for interpretation functionality
  • Good timbre, wide dynamic state & steady carrier frequency
  • RF output power may be adjustable continuously between 0.5-15W

 Translation India also provides mobile simultaneous interpretation booth systems. The latest advancement provide you with a mobile sound proof simultaneous interpretation booth with zero interference and accommodates up to 3 translators. It can be easily set up anywhere.

Its features:

  • Designed to ISO-4043 a worldwide standard for translation booths
  • Size: 6’ width x 4’depth x 6.5’ height
  • Light weight & Easy to assemble
  • Double Plexiglass window
  • 15-panel sound-proof, full-sized translation booths
  • Comes with silent whisper 110 volts fan assembly unit

Translation India is one of India’s leading language translation & interpretation service providing company. The company since its establishment in 2001 have been providing its interpretation and translation equipment at affordable rent for premium clients. Its other services include silent conference system, silent disco headphones, electronic voting pads, RFID digital scanners, document translation services. Hire Translation India’s high quality simultaneous interpretation equipment on rent and organize multicultural events with ease. ( can also be combined with silent conference system)*

silent disco

Silent Disco- Young India’s New Way Of Partying Without Troubling Anyone!

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Silent disco headphones are the latest trend to hit the India party scene. The government some time back, made a rule about not playing loud music after 10-11 pm in public places like pubs, discs. However, the pubs and discs can continue to play music if it is not loud. However, you just cannot move your feet unless you feel the loud, pulsating beats. So what could be done? Seeing so many disappointed faces, a new trend was bound to explode soon and it did in the form of silent disco headphones!

Imagine, a set of noise reduction headphones that let you dance to the tunes of your favorite music without disturbing even your dance partner on the floor! Isn’t that amazing! This is thanks to the highly advanced technology that has been making our lives easier since time immemorial. Now with the arrival of silent wireless disco headphones on the party horizon, nothing seems impossible. In fact, it has become a new fad to attend or host a silent DJ party night these days.

Some key features of silent disco party headphones

  • 433 Mhz/863 Mhz/915Mhz ISM band
  • Active noise reduction system
  • Audi transmission signal upto 300 meters
  • Crystal clear sound
  • Double PLL system
  • Automatic mute and shut off on standby
  • Choice of specific channels
  • Endless headphones can be connected to single transmitter at one go

A good silent disco headphone providing company will give high frequency headsets that not only let you enjoy good music without disturbing anyone but also lets you choose DJ music channel of your choice. The silent disco headphones comes with 2 machines-one is a headphone and the other is the small music broadcaster. You simply need to put on the wireless silent headphone and plug in to the channel of your choice and the DJ played music will soon transmit it to your headphones without any hassles. It is that simple!

Translation India is one of the most famous names in the field of translation and interpretation equipment rentals in India since 2001. The company has been responsible for providing hi- tech silent DJ headphone system at reasonable costs on rent for various events and parties. In fact, you can easily hire these headphones for organizing a silent conference as well.

Hiring from Translation India will give you benefits in the form of

  • Guarantee of high quality
  • Hiring from a trustworthy company that offers good service
  • Timely delivery of products with easy rental policies
  • Great discounts and offers on bulk orders

Silent Disco nights have been happening all over the country. In fact, people have even ‘indianised’ the western trend with organizing silent garba, silent dandiya and silent Bollywood movie nights as well. These clearly tells the hype and success of silent disco headphone system across the country. Our advice to you is-if you wish to rent silent DJ headphones, then hire from a reliable company like Transation India, one of the premium names in this field. The company also offers tour guide system, voting pad system, simultaenaous interpretation system as well as silent confrence system on rent too. Give them a call now and join the silent disco trend!

Silent Conference

Silent Conference System- Innovative Method Of Organizing Multiple Conferences At Same Time!

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Technology knows no bounds. Take the case of organizing a big, multiple conferenceevent. Earlier, you would be harrowed down with the task of looking for a big space, arranging several PA systems, scheduling various conferences, assigning them rooms, setting up places and all the paraphernalia. But with the advent of technology, an innovative method of organizing multiple conferences at the same time and at the dame place has come up called silent conferencesystem.

The silent conference system allows you to hold several conferences with multiple speakers and listeners in the same room! All you need to do is set up different speakers in various corners of the room and have multiple microphones. Each speaker is provided with his own set of microphones and each one of them is assigned to an individual channel.

It works on several counts- it reduces noise pollution. It helps you save time wasted in moving from one conference location to another and it is cost effective as you don’t need to spend on the usual conference paraphernalia.

Silent conference systems are the biggest solution to the problem of space today. These days, when it has become increasingly difficult to find huge spaces with reduced costs, silent conference system allows you the freedom to hold a big event with several speakers without any hassles.

Benefits of silent conference system

  • Meet the challenges of limited space
  • Becomes easier for delegates to choose a conference as per their area of interest
  • There is no need for a multiple set up in terms of AV halls, chairs etc.
  • There is huge savings on costs due to reduced logistics, manpower as well as equipment required to organize such a big event.
  • Most importantly, it is environment friendly as it significantly reduces noise pollution.
  • It saves you time and resources which is otherwise spent in setting up multiple conferences.
  • In case, simultaneous interpretation event is also being organized, the same equipment used for silent conference system can be used for it!

Silent conference systems are suitable for

  • Product launches
  • Breakout sessions
  • Branding
  • Expositions
  • Corporate team building
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Language & training sessions

Hiring from a credible source is quite vital for the success of an event ofthis stature. Translation India is a renowned name in the business of interpretation and translation equipment rental in India since 2001. The company is a big player in this field and has been organizing such silent conferences in the past including Amazon Web Services 2016 -2018 at NESCO, Mumbai and Oracle Open World 2017, New Delhi.

You should choose Translation India for renting their excellent silent conference system at affordable rates. Organize silent confrences and become part of this innovative drive!