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Rental Charges Rs.150 Per voting pad/Day

Sale price of Rs.3,00,000 for 50 Voting pads with Master Kit and Software


We at Translation India have the best product in Audience Response System, manufactured by SUNTEC, Hong Kong  in the brand name XPRESS. Audience Response System that enhances and promotes real-time interaction between the instructor and audiences. With the Radio Frequency (RF) technology, it also helps the instructor receive instant feedback from the audiences.

Today, there are many companies, which provide electronic voting pads, but the xpress voting pads has advantage over others for purely two reasons. One is instant result within seconds and its completely error free and works with a simple voting device operated on software-based programme. Voting pads come with press buttons indicating A B C or 1 2 3 depending on different available brands. On the other side the voting options is displayed on a LCD screen and people can cast their vote by simply pressing the buttons of the voting pad and the results are displayed instantly within the seconds.

Translation India provides Audience Response System that can be used in many occasions like classroom, International conferences, lectures etc. Translation India owns more than 1000 pieces of electronic voting pads. Master designed with sleek and user-friendly buttons to press while casting votes.



Instant Voting and Feedback Retrieval Support up to 999 users at the same time SINGLE SELECTION
Quiz and Test (with auto-marking & answer collection) With a receiving angle of 360 degrees MULTIPLE SELECTION
Corporate Training With a signal receiving distance of 100 meters RATING SCALE
Conference Smart power management on keypads by automatically entering into the sleep mode when
keypads are not in use


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