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Donald J. Trump – 45th president of the United States, took the office on Jan, 20 2017. A business tycoon born in Jamaica, Queens, New York city on June 14, 1946 who took charge of his family business at the very early age in the year 1971 and later renamed it as “The Trump Organization”. His journey from a businessman to the presidential election was likely to be a roller coaster ride but despite of all it ended with his victory in the entry to White House.

Today the world knows him by several renowned names such as the Business Tycoon, Mr. President, and some others, but his journey to the White House was full of challenges and criticism. He is a man who is famous for making his own rules and living on his own terms. In this article I’ll discuss about Trump, his life, his businesses, controversies related to him and moreover how he left behind Hillary in the race and won the heart of Americans.

Trump in the Early Ages:

Born in the business family in Queens, New York City, Donald John Trump was the 4th child of his parents. He left his schooling at the age of 13 due to some behavior problems.
Later on he was admitted to New York Military Academy (NYMA) to complete his high school education. He opted for Economics degree and completed it from University of Pennsylvania in 1968. He joined his family business in 1971 which was of real estate and construction firm.

Journey as the Business Tycoon:

His first step in the business career came soon when he renamed his family business firm as “The Trump Organization”. Report says Trump’s Dad, real estate developer Fred Trump gave him a huge amount of loan to start his real estate business in New York, and since then the dedication with the business mind led him towards hitting the door of success every time and soon his own business boomed up.

Later on he moved to Manhattan, for involving his business in the larger building projects for exploring up new opportunities and increased profits for his business. Soon after booming the real estate and construction firms business, Trump also get himself involved in the Hotel’s business.
He made a partnership agreement with the Hyatt hotel corporation, which didn’t have a large downtown hotel that time.
Trump with his business mind won 40 years tax abatement and he started working on the renovation of hotel building arranging the financial situations. He constructed the new exterior of reflective glass designed by the renowned architect Der Scutt.

Later on in 1980, when the hotel was renamed as GRAD HYATT and opened it gained the height of popularity and proved an economic success record making people remember Trump as the City’s best developer in process.
Trump gained the national fame after completing his 58 storey building names as Trump Tower adjacent to famous Tiffany & Company designed by the architect Der Scutt. Opened in the year 1982, that multi-storey building gave trump the name and fame nationwide.

Meanwhile in 1980’s Trump also tried his hands in the casino business. He involved his brother Robert with him after acquiring a property in the Atlantic City. He gave him the responsibility of acquiring the land there, obtaining the permits and financial states. He started his casino business career with making a partnership agreement with Holiday Inn Corporation in 1984 and soon Trump bought out holiday inn and renamed it to “TRUMP PLAZA HOTEL & CASINO”.

Later on, unlike other businesses, his casino business also boomed up and gained popularity in the market. Very soon Trump acquired the largest hotel-casino in the world, “Taj Mahal” which was opened in 1990. Somehow, it was announced in 2016 that because of some bankruptcies and worker’s strike the Taj Mahal would be shut down.

Moreover, Trump also gained some popularity and criticism through TV shows. He hosted one of the popular reality TV shows “The Apprentice”. He used to dismiss the poor contestants there by saying “you’re fired”. He hosted the show for 14 seasons and it gave out a huge profitable success.

Trump also tried his hands in the Airlines industry, though it didn’t reached that height of success. He also run a modeling agency, several restaurants, entertainment business and some other small businesses like this.

Journey for the Presidential Election:

“I am officially running for president of the United States,” was the announcement made by Trump at Trump Towers in New York City on June16, 2015. His slogan from the first day for the presidential race was to make America great again! Since, from the day of announcing to the day of final victory, Trump was associated with lots of criticism and controversies all around.

July 21, 2016 he accepted the nomination at Republic National convention in Cleveland and addressed several party seminars, campaigns and gatherings across different cities of U.S. His opponent for the race of presidential election was the democratic candidate “Hillary Clinton”. Further along with the controversies and all sparkling around, the election was held on Nov 8, 2016 and the results were out on Jan 6, 2017 declaring Trump as the winner.

He officially took over the charge of White House on Jan 20, 2017.
His victory sparked revolution across the streets of U.S in many cities; protesters were out with flags and hatred slogans against Trump because of his improper statements and decisions.

Moreover, after taking the office he signed out several amendments and new reforms in the state which led towards the shock for several nations worldwide. Interviewed by the media, Trump replied he is doing all to make America great again.
However, this was the journey of the man who reached the height of success in his business career and also won the race of presidential election leaving behind the democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Despite of the criticism and controversies around, he never cared for them and just keeps on exploring up the immense business opportunities for hitting the next and next door of success.

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