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When it comes to visit of any industrial site, the noise ratio is very high because of massive production of materials and machine operation. It has to be because the plant has been set up for constant production of products. If any of your channel partner or business partner wants to visit the plant, he or she would be needed to explain of the current ongoing activities of the factory of the plant. The visitors may not able to be explained properly due to consistent noise in the factory premises and just because delegates visiting the plant, one cannot afford to shut down the plant's operation as well.

Wireless tour guide system allows a factory or shop floor tour, to be executed on the production floor of a high noise manufacturing facility without the need to shout to be heard.

To communicate clearly and at the same time keeping the plant's operation on, we have the perfect solution for Industrial visits, which is "Tour Guide System".

This system is UHF based signal-processing system and works on any Kind of geographical conditions.

We have tour guide systems of William Sound Inc, USA customized by Translation India based on world's best available technology. These systems operate on AA, AAA, and 9volts battery and are most user-friendly hands free belt body pack gadgets to meet today's trends and technology.


Transmit frequency 2.4 GHz; Real digital transmit;
Operate in the license-free, internationally accepted 2.4-GHz band
Channel & Volume Display function.
Sampling rate 64K; Frequency Response 20-20KHz sound quality;
Ultra-low power consumption, 10hr. Work time for transmitter and 15hr. Continuous work time for receiver.
Rechargeable 2-AA battery can be used;
Small in size, easy to install, flexible in design and support customization;
Transmit power 1W as optional
It's workable for at least 20 teams' simultaneous using within 200 square meters area.

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