Simultaneous Interpretation and Translation Services


Seventy Years – A milestone in the history of Indian Independence, the dynamic leadership of Mr Narendra Modi , a country who has started making its mark on the globe, the very best of all, gets the best Simultaneous Interpretation Services provided by Translation India.

It is only fit that the people of India and the world get to participate in the celebrations by listening to Mr Modi’s speech via Simultaneous Translation Equipment.

Translation India is providing best language interpretation services to its clients for years. We are known for our ultimate translating and interpreting service and on-time delivery of our translation system equipment.

The Prime Minister usually addresses the nation and the world in Hindi, the national language of the country. This dialect, however, is not one that every Indian knows and certainly not the world. However, with the wonderful technology of modern equipment and facilities, communication has become much easier, especially for two people whose dialect is different. That is where the Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment comes into play.


What is Simultaneous Interpretation System?


When the Prime Minister addressed the nation on 15 August 2016, everyone could understand what he was saying, because not only the right wireless translation equipment was being used, but also the best interpreters were used for the day, all was part of our affordable simultaneous interpretation equipment rental.

Therefore, what exactly am I talking about here? Simultaneous interpretation is the facilitation of the communication of speech from one language to another in real-time allowing presentations or conversations to flow naturally, without any delay.

The interpreted speech is heard by using a wireless receiver with an earphone. This service is also known as silent conference interpretation, language interpretation or simultaneous translation.

Simultaneous interpreters translate one language into another instantly. They interpret what the speaker is saying while they are saying it, allowing multi-lingual events to flow smoothly and efficiently, just like as if they were in a single language.

For each language, pair of interpreters work together in a simultaneous translation booth, listening to the speech via headphones and simultaneously translating it into a microphone. Audiences or delegates listen to the speech via their earpieces by tuning into the channel that has been allocated for their language.


Advantages of Simultaneous Interpretation System


Time-saving – the duration of the event is not prolonged like in consecutive interpreting

No pauses distract the audience, making it easier to interact with other listeners

The interpretation is carried out in several languages at the same time

Listeners who actually understand the language of the speaker do not have to wait for interpreting to be carried out

The speaker can keep the audiences’ attention by feeling the mood and the reaction of the listeners, and react accordingly

There are no constraints, for both listeners and speakers

No restriction on the number of listeners

Most efficient type of interpretation used by politicians and dignitaries all over the world

A professional service that is almost invisible, so good that it fades into the background

For the whole event to run smoothly, everything has to be efficient, from the interpreters to the equipment. The right set of skills and technology delivers an efficient and accurate service, which is what precisely happened on 15th August 2016.

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