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Translation India is a well renowned company for providing all kinds of Translation, Interpretation, ARS, RFID services all over the country. We understand your needs and accordingly provide you with the best solutions for your business meets and other events or gatherings.

What is Silent Conference

Translation India proudly introduces you a new product in our Simultaneous Interpretation services. SILENT CONFERENCE is becoming very popular these days and used in more practice for holding multiple events at the same time. Silent Conference allows you for delivering an event where you can have multiple speakers and at the same time and same venue without affecting the other one.
It gives you the facility of running several groups in one main room rather than having one speaker per one room. All you need to do is to set up different speakers at different areas in the hall, and each speaker is provided with microphones and is assigned a separate individual channel.

How it Works ?

The delegates/audiences present are provided with receivers same as used for the live interpretation and they can choose the respective channel to which they want to listen. In a nutshell, it is a good way to keep your audiences engaged and enjoy the event with the option of listening to multiple speakers

Why Translation India ?

Translation India has successfully provided the Silent Conference for two prestigious events organized in India in the month of May for Amazon Web Services 2017 and Oracle open world 2017.
The first one was held in Mumbai where more than 2500 guests were present and Translation India successfully provided Silent Conference for 7 breakout sessions under one roof. The second one was held successfully at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi with Silent Conference facility for 17 breakout sessions for more than 5000+ guests

The idea of Silent Conference with Translation India is gaining popularity enormously because of its added advantages like Cost Saving, Logistic Saving, no need of separate hall for separate speakers, adequate personnel etc.

We at Translation India understand your needs and accordingly provide you with the best. We have the capability to provide up to 40 breakout sessions for more than 20000+ guests at the same time.

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