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Factory tour. You wish to take several visitor groups through your production facility simultaneously? The machines work fast - and produce not only unique products, but also intensive background noise. The tour guide should be able to talk calmly at a normal level - and visitors should be able to understand every single word during the entire tour. A powerful system with excellent speech intelligibility is called for here.

Whether it is a quiet or noisy environment, a small or large group, several different groups or just one, with or without an interpreter, with or without a tour guide, audio in combination with visual applications. Translation India is the right partner for reliable transmission of information.

1. 6 channels in the license-free frequency range.  
2. Microphone input with adjustable sensitivity
3. Line input with adjustable sensitivity
4. Backlit display shows: channel selection, Battery status, Audio level meter for microphone & lock mode.
5. Yellow LED: peak warning
6. Red LED: MUTE or LOW BATT warning

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